Mailvox: Jabberwocky

MM asks: What the heck is Jabberwocky? I’m an AD&D geek, but I have not a clue. I wasn’t going to comment on Vox’s geekiness, though I was sorely tempted. How hot can Space Bunny REALLY be if she’s into a guy that:

Likes soccer

Drinks girly drinks

was an AD&D geek

Wears fu-fu Italian shoes

I guess bench presses and martial arts training negates some of that, but REALLY!!!

First, Bally isn’t Italian, it’s Swiss. Second, I wasn’t an AD&D geek. The vorpal blade was the weapon with which the beamish boy from the Lewis Carroll poem did slay the Jabberwock, and also appeared in the computer game Wizardry. I did defeat Werdna, so yes, there’s a few geek points there. TILTOWAIT!

And hot women always like the pretty boys. It is a law of the universe. See Grant, Hugh, Pitt, Brad and Beckham, David for details. Granted, I’m more Fight Club than Notting Hill, but the principle remains the same. As for Space Bunny, just imagine Sandra Bullock’s younger, blonder, smarter sister working as a fitness model and you’re pretty much there.