Mailvox: Baseball babes and soccerettes

The Baseball Savant writes:Vox is my boy, but I got to agree with the soccer comment. Only “funny” guys play the sport. However, I will say that most of the girls that I’ve ever met said the hottest athletes have always been baseball players. I mean, Josh Beckett is dating LeAnn Tweeden and Carl Pavano is dating Alyssa Milano! Derek Jeter did go out with Mariah Carey. In Vox’s defense though, most girls say that soccer players are the next best to baseball players.

Only someone who has never followed European soccer could ever say that. Mariah Carey and Alyssa Milano? (deep Schwarzenegger voice) You make me lafff, tee-hee-hee.(/voice) If you watch any top team – Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid – play, you’ll see numerous women recognizable from various magazines and catalogs sitting in the stands. None of the three that BS mentioned could possibly hold the padded bra strap of Adriena Karembou, and remember, every single top model in the world passes through Milano, home of Milan and Inter, at one time or another. There’s even a popular show in the UK entitled Footballer’s Wives. Not even close.