The sacred and the profane

I’d like to make fun of Britney Spears. She can’t sing, and while she’s cute, she’s nowhere nearly as pretty as the media seem to think her. But some people are so gifted with self-parody that there’s nothing you can do but quote them. From NRO’s Corner, an excerpt from the Diane Sawyer interview. She’s apparently talking about what she considers to be the sacrosanct nature of self-gratification.

Diane: “Sacred?”

Britney: “No, the song, ‘Touch of My Hand’ talking about indulging in yourself.”

Diane: “And that’s sacred?”

Britney: “It is sacred to me, but in a way, explaining, um, okay, I’m confusing myself right now.”

My guess is that using an esoteric word such as “indulging” must have put her brain into synaptic overload. If nothing is required for pop stars but looks these days, can’t somebody hook Adriana Lima up with a producer and some forgettable electro-pop?