So much for democracy

The president threw overboard the course that he and his aides had insisted for months was the only way to a stable Iraq: writing a new Iraqi constitution first, followed by nationwide elections. Instead, political power will be transferred to an interim Iraqi government of some type.

The change was prompted in part by the failure of the current 24-member Iraqi Governing Council to act effectively and by eroding Iraqi approval of the U.S. presence. A leaked CIA report concluded that Iraqis increasingly support resistance to the U.S. occupation.

I’ve written before that I don’t believe in universal democracy. Nor, I submit, do most people who claim to believe in democracy. We already know that the EU doesn’t, since it’s fighting tooth and nail against allowing the people of Europe to vote on their new so-called constitution. Now, it’s become clear that the president and his aides don’t have much faith in it either. After all, what good is democracy when people don’t vote the way you want them to?

Forget Bremer. Send Dean to run Iraq. This attitude sounds right up his alley.