Another Nail in Darwin’s Coffin

One variable that is unaccounted for in my mathematical proof of the impossibility of evolution by natural selection is the way in which close genetic relations are observed to reduce life expectancies rather than enhance them. And yet, it significantly strengthens my argument.

A 2013 study in the Lancet reported that when first cousins reproduce, the baby’s risk of congenital problems such as heart and lung defects, cleft palettes, and extra fingers doubles. The childhood death rate among children of first-cousin marriages was roughly 5 percent higher than the rate in nonrelated marriages.

A 2014 study published in PLOS One found that children of two cousins are likely to have lower IQs and higher rates of mental retardation.

A 1993 study by genetics expert Dr. Alan H. Bittles of the University of London found that childhood death rates were about 16 percent in offspring of marriages of unrelated people, compared with about 21 percent in marriages between cousins.

The significance of this factor is that if a theoretically-advantageous mutation takes place, then the mutated specimens must breed with other identically-mutated specimens in order for the mutation to eventually become fixed. In other words, the children and cousins of the original mutated specimen must interbreed, and have such an advantage over non-mutated specimens that the intrinsic disadvantages of inbreeding are overcome to such an extent as to fix the mutation across the entire population.

However, it is observed that closely-related specimens have a significant built-in DISADVANTAGE with regards to attributes and life expectancies, and therefore, presumably, fitness as well. It would be very useful to learn the average extent to which inbreeding conveys a disadvantage with regards to fertility, as that alone might be sufficient to statistically falsify neo-Darwinian theory.

Given the numerous observed disadvantages of genetic inbreeding, it is very highly improbable that whatever advantage is conveyed by any one mutation will overcome the inherent disadvantages conveyed with it. Which provides further evidence that the theory of evolution by natural selection is not only false, but is obviously absurd.

UPDATE: The rhetorical version.


Profit is NOT the Motive

The Miles Mathis Committee attempts to convince us that the wicked are responsible for manufacturing the chaos that surrends us, they aren’t evil, they’re simply greedy:

This mass-gaslighting project they are calling the Mandela Effect was created as a cohort of the “time/reality is an illusion” project of mainstream science—where they have been trying to convince us we are living in some sort of glitchy hologram. It is to answer the evergrowing awareness of the distortions people have come to have in the past decade—many of them via my research. I have shown my readers that much of recent history is a lie, including the high profile assassinations, the celebrity deaths, the fake serial killers, and so on. Rather than admit that and come clean, the governors have decided to take the hoax up a notch. They want to convince you that the distortion you have become aware of is even bigger than you think. It isn’t just that your government is lying to you all the time about everything. No, it is that you are living in some sort of science-fiction nightmare, where parallel universes are overlapping and intermixing, creating a chaos beyond anyone’s understanding or control.

However, I have already proven the real answer is much simpler: the chaos is manufactured. The governors even gave it a codename back in the 1960s: Operation Chaos. It is admitted that the CIA’s project existed under that name, while the FBI’s similar program was Operation Cointelpro. They joined sometime in the late 60s. That is not a conspiracy theory. It is partially declassified and you can read about it at Wikipedia and Society was purposely destabilized, and they tell us this was done to throw revolutionaries off-balance. It was to infiltrate the Communists, the Anarchists, the anti-war protestors, the hippies, etc. Or that is what they would have you believe. But the real reason chaos was manufactured is for. . . profit. Happy people in a stable society spend only a fraction of miserable people in a fractured society. If they are in constant fear, they spend even more. If they are alone, they spend even more.

This illustrates why it’s logically impossible to trust anyone or any source completely. It illustrates why it is logically impossible for any individual or any source to be 100-percent reliable. And I include myself in this right along with everyone else, because all of us, every single one of us, sees as though through a glass, darkly. Even if we were able to perceive every single observable fact accurately, and identify every single lie, deceit, and distortion with perfect precision, the meanings of those facts and motivations of those deceptions would still be imperfectly understood by us due to the different axioms with which we all operate.

The Miles Mathis Committee is generally correct about the conspiracies and the manufactured chaos as well as the parties primarily responsible for them. It is quite likely correct about many, perhaps even most, of the historical distortions and fictional events it exposes. But either it does not understand the spiritual aspects of the situation due to its inability to perceive beyond the material level of economics or it is itself another layer of deception meant to entrap those who have the ability to see beyond the surface narratives and their intrinsic incoherencies.

Economics is important, but it is neither the core nor the primary motivation for most human action. However, along with sex and power, it is generally believed to be one of the candidates for core human motivation because the materialist is, by essence and by definition, entirely incapable of understanding any elements that transcend the material.


Sam Harris Has Lost His Mind

Sam Harris, one of the Four Horsemen of the New Atheism, was always an incredibly sloppy thinker. But he used to be coherent in his wrongness; his erroneous syllogisms were logically correct, they were simply based on false foundations. Now, however, his faith in science has not only become illogical, but has rendered him ridiculous.

This was his response to an interview addressing the fact that his fellow “Intellectual Dark Web” member was correct to trust Ivermectin rather than the vaxx in response to Covid.

I mean, so, let’s say let’s say five years from now we learned that Ivermectin is actually perfect, right? Just for whatever reason the studies we had back in 2020 and 2021 were poorly run but we did this perfect study and you know Ivermectin is perfect and what’s more the vaccines, they’re way more dangerous than anyone thought, and you know you don’t want any of that mRNA stuff in you, right?

So, Brett Weinstein turns out he was right about everything, right? Will he be Vindicated?

Not really, because at the time his reasons for thinking what he was thinking at the time were insufficient, right? His conviction at the time was bizarre, I mean he literally called the vaccine ‘the crime of the century,’ right? And predicted that millions of people are going to die from it, right? If millions of people do die from it, it’s still true that at the time he said that, it was a deranged and deranging claim, right? And it just made absolutely no sense.

Setting aside the fact that we’re now seeing a retroactive attempt by the media to establish a fence-straddling intellectual nonentity like Not-Harvey Weinstein as the leading anti-vaxx critic because nearly every other ticket-taking public intellectual is vaxxed, this demonstrates that Sam Harris is both a) functionally retarded and b) has paid absolutely no attention to either the financial corruption of scientistry or the reproducibility crisis in scientody of the last decade. Even his biggest fans are now calling him out for his absurdities.

  • Sam has absolutely lost the plot. Excruciating to listen to him. I’m embarrassed to say I used to listen to every single one of his podcasts before he fell off the deep end. He’s just a run of the mill statist at this point. Anything to justify the establishments actions.
  • Sam Harris DESPERATELY wishing away his cognitive dissonance
  • He just can’t accept that Bret was right, and he was dangerously wrong.
  • I used to listen to Harris quite a bit, however you’ve really got to ask WTF happened to him? Trump & Covid etc has absolutely broken him.
  • The guy has a huge ego that prevents him from seeing how wrong he was. Now he’s using a hypothetical to justify his wrong position.
  • I used to listen to Sam Harris. Unfortunately it seems as though he has completely lost the plot.
  • If reality was like Sam thought he would have been right but it wasn’t which makes him right anyway, according to Sam.

Cerno’s take is pretty funny, as is that of one of his follower’s.

  • Sam Harris does finally admit that the vaccine doesn’t stop the transmission of Covid-19. I misheard the video earlier. My goodness. This video is a long way of avoiding saying, “I was totally wrong and I apologize for my hysteria.” What a pretzel.
  • That’s the face of an “intellectual” who just realized he lost THE debate of his lifetime… of someone who just realized they’d been lying to themselves more than anyone else…

Since I pay zero attention to ticket-takers and their well-compensated blatherings while being aware of their propensity for inversion, it occurred to me that it was entirely possible Not-Harvey Weinstein had been naive enough to get himself vaxxed prior to jumping in front of the anti-vaxx parade. See: Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, et al. However, it appears that he may actually be a genuine Pureblood based on this article from May 2022.

Ivermectin, the Parasite Drug Touted by Portland Podcaster Bret Weinstein, Is Shown to Be Worthless for Treating COVID-19

A big, comprehensive study flies in the face of Weinstein’s claims.

“The evidence is surprisingly compelling, indicating Ivermectin dramatically improves outcomes in COVID patients, and is very effective preventing infection,” Weinstein tweeted on May 29, 2021.

Lately, though, science has caught up to them.

The latest, best studies show that ivermectin does little to prevent or treat COVID. A bombshell arrived this week, when the New England Journal of Medicine, the ne plus ultra of medical research, published a study showing that ivermectin did nothing to treat COVID infections or keep them from worsening to the point of hospitalization.

“Treatment with ivermectin did not result in a lower incidence of medical admission to a hospital,” the researchers wrote. “There were no significant effects of ivermectin use on secondary outcomes or adverse events.” The secondary outcomes included death.

In short, ivermectin did nothing to cure COVID-19. Unlike the previous studies that got people like Weinstein and Heying fired up about the drug, this one was double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, and large, with 3,515 patients.

Anthony Effinger, Williamette Week, March 30, 2022

There is an important veriphysical lesson here about metareasoning and science. This is where we see the vital importance of questioning one’s base axioms and assumptions when a syllogism produces an observably false conclusion. The primary assumption in this case is that scientody is reliable, and the secondary assumption is that scientistry is incorruptible. Therefore, the major premise is that the conclusions of a large, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled and peer-reviewed study are correctly indicative of reality.

But this is a false premise. We know for a fact that 60 percent – yes, the MAJORITY, which is to say MOST – of the gold-standard scientific studies published cannot be reproduced. An even higher percentage of non-landmark published studies fail the reproducibility test. This does not mean that most of the hypotheses concerned are necessarily falsified, but it does mean that no scientific study should ever be confused with reliable evidence, let alone conclusive proof. In fact, a strong statistical correlation is presently a better and more reliable indication of causation than so-called “scientific proof” of it.

Forget feelings. Facts don’t care about your ex post facto rationalizations.


The Nature of Truth

One of the more important axioms of Veriphysics is the observation that truth is knowable, but it is not fully knowable, by Man. As a result, all decisions must be presumed to have been made on the basis of incomplete information, which renders the concept of fully-informed consent impossible. Therefore, any moral system based on consent is intrinsically flawed and consent cannot serve as a comprehensive justification for any action, agreement, contract, or exchange.


Another Convenient Death

One of the men responsible for permitting the January 6 theater has died a very timely death of Suddenly.

The man in charge of protecting the Senate during the Capitol riot has died just a day before the Committee investigating the attack was set to reveal new evidence in a surprise session.

Michael Stenger, 71, was the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate on the day of the attempted insurrection. He resigned amid criticism he had failed to react effectively to the building being overrun. His sudden death on Monday came the same day an unexpected additional hearing of the committee investigating the riot was announced.

The surprise meeting will ‘present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.’

In February 2021, Stenger told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the role of ‘professional agitators’ needed to be investigated.

He said: ‘There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of January 6.

‘Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators.

In other words, the globalists are still trying to prop up their false “insurrection” narrative and they’re not about to permit those who know everything about the FBI involvement in it to tell the truth about it. This is why taking the ticket is such a short-sighted and foolish thing to do. The ticket masters won’t even hesitate to sacrifice their servants in order to protect their lies and their projects.

What this sudden death helps further confirm for us, by the veriphysical principle of Informative Coincidence, is the probability that the January 6 Insurrection was staged for reasons that we do not yet know.

There is an additional benefit of the vaxx that should be noted here. Now literally any Covid-vaccinated individual can be terminated in a variety of ways and no one will dare to ask any questions about the actual cause of death.


What is Death?

In which I answer Cicero.

Someone pointed out on last night’s Darkstream that they’d like to see more veriphysics, and as I just happened to be casually reading a little from The Tusculan Disputations after finishing Stanley Payne’s excellent biography of Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco Bahamonde, I thought some of you might be interested in my instinctive reaction to the following paragraphy.

And yes, I am aware of how lah-di-dah that sounded, but it happens to be the truth. If it makes you feel any better, that was probably just a subconscious response to a recent binge of the underrated Nancy Varian Berberick and her forays into Dragonlance.

The first thing, then, is to inquire what death, which seems to be so well understood, really is; for some imagine death to be the departure of the soul from the body; others think that there is no such departure, but that soul and body perish together, and that, the soul is extinguished with the body. Of those who think that the soul does depart from the body, some believe in its immediate dissolution; others fancy that it continues to exist for a time; and others believe that it lasts for ever. There is great dispute even what the soul is, where it is, and whence it is derived: with some, the heart itself (cor) seems to be the soul, hence the expressions, excordes, vecordes, concordes; and that prudent Nasica, who was twice consul, was called Corculus, i.e. wise-heart; and Ælius Sextus is described as Egregie cordatus homo, catus Æliu’ Sextus—that great wise-hearted man, sage Ælius. Empedocles imagines the blood, which is suffused over the heart, to be the soul; to others, a certain part of the brain seems to be the throne of the soul; others neither allow the heart itself, nor any portion of the brain, to be the soul; but think either that the heart is the seat and abode of the soul; or else that the brain is so. Some would have the soul, or spirit, to be the anima, as our schools generally agree; and indeed the name signifies as much, for we use the expressions animam agere, to live; animam efflare, to expire; animosi, men of spirit; bene animati, men of right feeling; exanimi sententia, according to our real opinion—and the very word animus is derived from anima. Again, the soul seems to Zeno the Stoic to be fire.

The Tusculan Disputations, Marcus Tullius Cicero

It’s always both amusing and frustrating that the ancient philosophers so seldom managed to actually stay on their own stated topic for more than a sentence or two.

This is, in my opinion, what death observably and undeniably is:

A cessation of an intelligence’s interaction with a material plane of reality, as observed by intelligences still inhabiting that plane. This cessation of interaction occurs in company with various quantifiable changes in the physical body of the recently transformed intelligence and is subsequently followed by the decomposition of the body.

There is no need to delve into definitions of the soul, its purported existence, or its subsequent fate, in order to understand what death is. Indeed, before one delves into those complicated and potentially ineffable things, one would do well to first complete the original task one has set oneself.


A New Foundation

The Tree of Woe contemplates the West’s need for new philosophical foundations in the aftermath of the complete failure of the Enlightenment and classical liberalism.

We need to do better than our great ancestors did.

To defend the good, the beautiful, and the true we must be able to know what is actually good, beautiful, and true — and then we must be able to persuasively demonstrate that to others.

For the good, beautiful, and true to be actual, they must in some way be real. Thus, to defend their actuality, we must be able to defend their reality; and that requires defending a theory of moral realism, a theory of aesthetic realism, and a correspondence theory of truth against those who would say they the good, beautiful, and true do not really exist.

But to defend these theories of realism, we must be able to defend the objective and knowable existence of the real itself against those who would say that reality as a whole is subjective or unknowable.

And to be able to defend the knowable existence of reality, we must be able to defend the evidence of our senses and the conclusions of our reason from skepticism.

To be able to defend the evidence of our senses, we must be able to defend direct realism, or something like it; to be able to defend the conclusions of our reason, we must be able to defend the laws of thought.

So we must do more than just identify the natural order, we must identify how we have identified it, and then defend both the method and the outcome.

The Enlightenment failed to do this. It failed to defend the evidence of the senses, it failed to defend the laws of thought, it failed to defend moral realism, it failed to defend aesthetic realism, and it failed to defend the correspondence theory of truth. It failed on every front and was routed from the field.

We must do better than the Enlightenment. We cannot return to classical liberalism. There is no retreat; the bridges are burned; the way is blocked. We must advance.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
Psalm 11:3

I could not agree more, having thought similar thoughts in recent years. In fact, I’d even begun laying out some of my own contemplations in this regard a few months ago, so this seems like a reasonable time to share a few of them here. For the time being, I’m referring to this proto-philosophy as “veriphysics”.

The Principles of Veriphysics

  • The truth is that which exists independent of any human perception, sense, or analysis.
  • The truth must be always be the foundation of any correct idea, concept, ideal, objective, policy, or principle.
  • The fullness of the truth cannot be conclusively and comprehensively established from any human perspective or by any human method.
  • Every partial truth is perceived on a gradiant that depends upon both the perspective and the method utilized to determine it.
  • The not-truth can be conclusively established by a wide variety of methods, including logic, observation, statistical analysis, mathematics, and experiment.
  • The practical objective of veriphysical analysis is to construct reliable predictive models that provide a sound basis for pragmatic decisions which produce observable results that correspond with the predictions derived from the models.

The rhetorical version of which is as follows:

  • Truth is reality.
  • Truth is the basis for correct thought or action.
  • All truths are partial.
  • The parts of the truth perceived depend upon the who and the how.
  • The not-truth is easier to establish than the truth.
  • Veriphysics is a practical philosophy.

The primary forms of existence are: ontological, experiential, testimonial, experimental, spiritual

That which can be imagined.
That which can be experienced by the senses.
That which can be testified to by others.
That which can be repeatedly and consistently observed.
That which can be perceived indirectly through its effects on the material world.