Another Convenient Death

One of the men responsible for permitting the January 6 theater has died a very timely death of Suddenly.

The man in charge of protecting the Senate during the Capitol riot has died just a day before the Committee investigating the attack was set to reveal new evidence in a surprise session.

Michael Stenger, 71, was the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate on the day of the attempted insurrection. He resigned amid criticism he had failed to react effectively to the building being overrun. His sudden death on Monday came the same day an unexpected additional hearing of the committee investigating the riot was announced.

The surprise meeting will ‘present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.’

In February 2021, Stenger told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the role of ‘professional agitators’ needed to be investigated.

He said: ‘There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of January 6.

‘Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators.

In other words, the globalists are still trying to prop up their false “insurrection” narrative and they’re not about to permit those who know everything about the FBI involvement in it to tell the truth about it. This is why taking the ticket is such a short-sighted and foolish thing to do. The ticket masters won’t even hesitate to sacrifice their servants in order to protect their lies and their projects.

What this sudden death helps further confirm for us, by the veriphysical principle of Informative Coincidence, is the probability that the January 6 Insurrection was staged for reasons that we do not yet know.

There is an additional benefit of the vaxx that should be noted here. Now literally any Covid-vaccinated individual can be terminated in a variety of ways and no one will dare to ask any questions about the actual cause of death.