Third time’s the charm

I’ve put the comments back into moderation again, as I expect Mr. Spooner will be spamming the blog until he is prevented from doing so tomorrow. He was warned by the officer and agreed to comply with the officer’s request after the officer’s second visit, but proved unable to keep his word this evening. As a result, I have compiled a document containing his most recent 1,500+ comments and sent it to the officer. A very brief sample is below.

Funny thing about an “echo chamber” Vox: The only real discussion is going on between the self-absorbed moderator and the guy who’s voice he keeps trying to silence. I’m in your head now bitch, and I’m not going anywhere. on Moderation is in effect
Andrew Spooner Jr. at 7:41 AM

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Andrew Spooner Jr.
at 8:20 AM

Your wife sucked my dick last night Vox. What a filthy hoe-bag. on Moderation is in effect
Andrew Spooner Jr. at 7:23 AM

I am making you own forces turn against you. Little puppet. I’ve been controlling you this whole time. I am your muse. Everything you have comes through me. And now I am instructed to take it all away. I will do so. And I will enjoy it. I will laugh a I do it. Because it is my purpose, and because you asked for it. on Moderation is in effect
Andrew Spooner Jr. at 5:39 AM

You can’t doxx someone who has nothing to hide. Which tells me that YOU have something to hide. Thanks for that. on Moderation is in effect
Andrew Spooner Jr. at 5:19 AM
I fucked your wife, Vox, and she loved it. Good thing nobody will ever see this post. You have absolutely no proof I ever said it, but you WILL let your temper get the best of you and come after me. on Pseudo-dialectic posturing
Andrew Spooner Jr. at 5:17 AM

It’s a pity, but Mr. Spooner left me with little choice. So, please leave your comments as usual and Markku, Matt, and I will approve them without too much of a delay. And you might spare a moment to pray for the guy. Something is clearly not right with him and the whole thing stinks of the spiritual world. The Enemy always attacks through weak links, and despite whatever he is going through now, Andrew Spooner has been one of us for years.

Goodbye Tiny Tim

After I warned Tiny Tim about his behavior here, he responded:

As if I give a crap. You would be doing me a favor. This blog is as useful as a circle jerk at the Sig Ep house.

I have done him the favor of banning him. I am far too busy these days to put up with commenter antics. If you want to discuss, disagree, analyize, argue, or criticize, that’s all fine.

But if you’re looking for attention, trolling, or attempting to work through your copious psychological issues, this is not the place to do it. It just isn’t, so don’t try it. I don’t believe in fairness or equality, so this is the very last place to look for it or appeal to it.

The people have spoken

That will be enough, Porky. A sufficient number of readers have now expressed the same sentiment concerning your comments that I have decided your continued participation in the discourse is not beneficial, therefore your comments will no longer be permitted.

Rest assured that should we feel the need to be blessed with your wisdom in the future, we will not hesitate to seek your no doubt very valuable counsel.

A time of Romans

I guess we won’t be seeing the New Zealand library-troll around here again anytime soon.

Internet trolls face up to two years’ jail in New Zealand under a controversial new law which bans “harmful digital communications”. The law will help mitigate the harm caused by cyber-bullying and give victims a quick and effective means of redress, supporters said. Under the Harmful Digital Communications Act in effect from this week, anyone convicted of “causing harm by posting digital communication” faces two years in prison and a $50,000 (NZ) (£6,500) fine, while businesses face fines of up to $200,000. Harmful communications can include truthful as well as false information.

The Romans always win. In fairness to Phoenician, he had the sense to knock it off when I started going after Andrew Marston.

How to hunt trolls

In light of the conclusion of the successful hunting of one of the Internet’s more notorious trolls, a few people have asked me to explain how to go about doing the same. Here are some of the observations I have made along the way.

  1. Stay calm. The troll’s primary objective is to upset you. Trolls feed off attention and negative emotion, so it’s important to control your own reactions and deny them both. Staying calm serves two positive purposes, as it prevents you from establishing an emotional relationship with them as well as forcing them to increase their efforts in order to achieve the desired effect, thereby increasing the likelihood they will make a mistake or cross a line.
  2. Be patient. A security expert has told me that no one can regularly comment without giving away their true identity within one year. Remember, the troll is in it for the attention, so hiding even the smallest significant aspects of his identity places him fundamentally at conflict with his own instincts and desires.
  3. Directly inform the troll that he is banned from visiting your site and from commenting under all current and future identities, and that if he persists in his activity, he is engaged in illegal trespassing and cyberstalking. It is vital to put them on notice. For some reason, many people who are capable of understanding that physical trespassing is not only illegal, but can permit them to be legally shot in some places tend to find it hard to grasp that online trespassing is illegal. The fact that you CAN access a site does not automatically give you permission to do so any more than the fact that you CAN physically access someone’s lawn gives you permission to walk on it.
  4. Don’t delete the troll’s comments. It took me a long time to learn this; even though I saved them in a separate text file, I sometimes got lazy or couldn’t be bothered. It’s best to have them there, in the blog, where they can be easily produced as evidence or mined for investigative purposes.
  5. Don’t permit the readers to engage with the troll. They may mean well, but their reactions to the troll are usually a bigger problem than the troll’s comments are. Set a policy of “Comments responding to a troll will be deleted” and delete them on sight. Commenters cannot shut down a troll because he seeks their negative attention; them saying “shut up” and “go away” is something he desires, so their effort on your behalf are counterproductive. Don’t let them feed him.
  6. Look for the troll’s other identities. Trolls always have sockpuppets, and often they are less careful when using them. Yama had over 30. Even a cursory glance at the mined comments shows that NTA has at least three. And often, the sockpuppet identity is the troll’s primary identity on other sites. Yama did not use Yama here at all, he primarily used Will leFey, Dan Picaro, Luscinia, and Alauda. But once I was able to link him to the Yamamanama and Yama the Spacefish identities, I was able to learn considerably more information about him and those around him.
  7. Identify their literary tics. We all have them and they are nearly as reliable as fingerprints. Once you develop some skill at this, you’ll be able to recognize a troll under a new identity within two or three posts. It doesn’t hurt that they always gravitate towards the same bugaboos no matter what identity they present.
  8. Join forces with the troll’s other targets. You are probably not his first or only target. Comparing notes will almost always prove informative and multiple complainants make it impossible for the troll to claim it is a “he said, she said” situation or to blame everything on you once you bring the situation to the attention of third parties.
  9. Once you have the troll’s IP address, research the cyberstalking laws in their legal jurisdiction. Most communities consider cyberstalking to be a felony and penalties tend to be steeper than you probably expect. Jail sentences of up to 5 years and fines in the five digits are common.
  10. Don’t bother with threats and warnings. The troll habitually makes empty threats himself, so he’s not going to take yours seriously.
  11. Don’t pay undue attention to the troll’s assertions. Given that he is on your site under a false identity, why would you believe anything he says? Observe how trolls are very quick to claim entirely factual statements made by you and others are lies; this is psychological projection on their part.
  12. Don’t bother contacting his friends, employer, and family except to gather more information. They already know something is off about the troll and are accustomed to turning a blind eye to his activities. They will be very reluctant to cooperate in any way and may even try to put you off the trail. For example, Yama’s friend Emma lied to me about knowing him when I contacted her, and if she hadn’t overdone the fake sympathy I might have even bought it. Don’t be upset with them, after all, they know him and they don’t know you. Just don’t expect assistance from them or to be able to use them to put any pressure on him. Again, you’re not dealing with a normal individual here. Never forget that.
  13. Expect the troll to try to spin the situation as you harassing him as the net tightens. This is actually a very good sign of progress. It means that he is frightened and that his confidence has been shaken. Trolls like to think of themselves as the cunning masters of the situation, so the switch to helpless victim role marks a significant change. It also confirms that you are dealing with a genuinely aberrant psychology, as no normal individual would ever reach the same conclusion.
  14. Don’t contact the police until you have prepared a succinct summary of the troll’s activity on your site, dating back to the documented beginning, and organizing the various evidence in detail to be available upon request. The summary that I sent to the Marshfield police was only two pages long, but included a description of what additional information I could provide. If possible, provide multiple summaries, from as many of the troll’s other targets as possible. These summaries will not only articulate the complaint, but will save the police a considerable amount of time in substantiating it. Th easier you make it for them to do their job, the sooner they are likely to do it. The detective who addressed Yama’s case specifically commented on how useful the summaries were to his investigation.
  15. Before you call the relevant police department, check their website and see if they have an officer or a department specializing in online crimes. Most do. Those are the only officers to whom you should talk, as their colleagues tend to regard computers as akin to magic and beyond their ability to address.
  16. Be prepared to press charges, but be open to the possibility of other desirable outcomes. The objective should not be vengeance, but simply to end the trolling. For the most part, trolls are disturbed and damaged individuals; the primary reason they have the time to wage their bizarre campaigns is because they are not normally functioning adults with responsibilities.
  17. Above all, don’t be afraid. The troll is targeting you because he hates the fact that other people think you matter and he feels he does not in comparison. He’s trying to bring you down to his level, to enmesh you in his petty hatred and fear. Don’t permit him to do that. Remember that people snipe from cover because they are too psychologically weak to dare engaging in open and direct confrontation.

UPDATE: Yama surfaced here. Several people spotted him and it’s been reported.

    The end of the troll hunt

    I spoke with a representative of the Marshfield police department yesterday, and I can declare, with a reasonable degree of confidence, that the great troll campaign of the last five years appears to be more or less at an end. The police had Yama (whose identity, it turns out, was correctly identified) down to the station with his caretakers, none of whom knew anything at all about what Yama had been doing online for the last 12 years. I have been assured that there will be no further trolling of this blog, or of the many other blogs that have been trolled in the past, and that Yama will not be permitted unrestricted access to the Internet going forward.

    While Yama did subsequently take advantage of what I suspect was access outside his home to post a short comment on Brad Torgersen’s blog under the name of Alauda yesterday, I have already reported it to the police and they are addressing the matter. If Yama posts additional comments anywhere else, please bring
    them to my attention right away so that I can report them. I expect there will be a few more minor incidents of a similar fashion as Yama attempts to evade his newly imposed restrictions.

    I have decided not to press criminal charges at this time due to my opinion that the individual responsible for the cyberstalking is not entirely capable of controlling his behavior. I’m not even certain he’d be considered sufficiently competent to be held liable for them. I do, however, retain the option to press charges if it turns out that the individual’s caretakers prove unable, or unwilling, to control his online activity in the future. I can also assure those who have been concerned about various threats made by Yama to various parties over the last 12 years that he poses absolutely no physical threat to anyone. So, the good news is that it looks like it’s all over.

    As an occasional critic of the American police, I would be remiss if I failed to note that the Marshfield police were thorough and professional throughout the course of their investigation. They were also very considerate with regards to some of the more sensitive aspects of the affair, and their temperate actions have permitted us to reach a much better outcome than I had originally imagined possible. I was very impressed by them, as I cannot see how they could have handled the matter any better than they did.

    I won’t go into any details about Yama except to say this: he is not someone to be hated or feared. He is someone to be pitied. That doesn’t excuse his execrable behavior, but it does, to a certain extent, explain it. You could do worse than to pray for the poor bastard.

    As for the other trolls, who don’t have a similar explanation for their behavior, I hope you will have the sense to see this as a warning. Cyberstalking is a crime in most jurisdictions, and the police do take it seriously when a properly documented complaint is lodged with them.

    A request for substantiation

    This morning I sent summaries of the ongoing cyberstalking and online harassment committed by Yamamanama aka inimbe karu ava, Alauda, alauda, Luscinia Hâfez, Luscinia, Clamps, Ciconia, Arachnothera, daphnis, Count Bullets-ula, Beardsley McTurbanhead, Freddy Foreshadowing, Comrade Questions, comrade questions, Dan Picaro, Andthestarshine, Kasa the Wicked, Nikola, Chokley Carmichael, Clamps, Daphis, Daphnis, Starshine, Sunlight, Will, Will leFey, Yama, Yama the Space Fish, Lilacanddatura, Phoenixwing667, Darkprophet667 to the Marshfield police department and the New England Wildlife Center.

    A selection from the summary of my experience being harassed and cyberstalked:

    Aside from the realization that the cyberstalker did not appear to be entirely mentally stable, this incident also caused me to learn that the cyberstalker “Will leFey” was “Yama the Spacefish” on DeviantArt and “Yamamanama” on Live Journal as well as “@pure, impure” on Twitter. I also learned that the cyberstalker lived in Marshfield, Massachusetts and is a longtime volunteer at the New England Wildlife Center. And I learned that I am far from the first person he has subjected to this persistent online harassment.


    Since that time, Will/Yama/etc has intensified his cyberstalking and willfully and maliciously engaged in conduct that seriously alarms or annoys me, left hundreds of comments that would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and has made threats with the intent to place me in fear of bodily injury for me, my wife, and my children. A few of the more recent threats include:

    • “Vox Day and his idiot followers need to know how much of an untalented waste of carbon he is.”
    • “The only award Vox Day should be nominated for is “the worst fucking person in existence award.””
    • “Vox is a mentally unstable stalker.”
    • “Vox should be castrated.”
    • “You pompous stuck-up snot-nosed expatriate giant twerp scumbag fuckface dickhead asshole.”
    • “I want his heart rate to increase to the point where it can’t pump blood anymore.”
    • “May a thousand kraits bite you. May a crane rip out your tongue. May skylarks remove your eyes.”
    • “May Lord Yama visit you soon, Vox.”

    These are only a few of the many threats he has made to me and others in the course of his long campaign of online harassment. Note that Lord Yama, the cyberstalker’s primary identity, is the Hindu god of death.

    It is my understanding that the erratic behavior of this observably disturbed individual falls well under the scope of Massachusetts law, specifically M.G.L. c. 265, s. 43, and it is my opinion that he presents a clear and present threat to the individuals he is harassing online as well as to the local community of Marshfield.

    If you have witnessed any of this online harassment by the cyberstalker who utilizes these identities, I would appreciate it if you would write a brief summary of what you have witnessed, and the period over which you have witnessed it, here in the comments. If you would prefer to do so privately, please email me with “CYBERSTALKER” in the subject. You don’t need to use your real name, but do mention your state, or if you’re outside the USA, your country.

    If you have been cyberstalked or harassed by Yama et al on your own site, please send me a list of the comments he has left there and the dates he has been active on your blog. If he has left too many comments to easily copy and paste them into a text document, you can export your blog to XML and we can utilize our data-mining tool to extract all of his comments in one fell swoop.

    Please note that all summaries may be sent to the appropriate authorities in order to substantiate the assertions made in the summary.

    Comment champions

    One of Blogger’s flaws is that its comment management tools are crude to the point of being nonexistent. So, as part of Operation Yama, our elite team of trollhunters has created a tool that permits the datamining of Blogger comments in order to accurately document the full extent of the cyberstalking that has taken place here. In addition to providing us with a complete list of his trespasses, the tool also helped us identify two of Yama’s identities that had previously gone undocumented.

    Interestingly enough, it’s also allowed us to see who left the most comments here in 2014. The winner, with over 3,000, was Nate. The top seven are as follows:

    1. Nate
    2. Josh
    3. Markku
    4. Bob K. Mando
    5. Tom Kratman
    6. James Dixon
    7. Jack Amok

    The updated cyberstalker list:

    Yamamanama, Dan Picaro, Andthestarshine, Kasa the Wicked, Nikola,
    Alauda, Arachnothera, Beardsley McTurbanhead, Chokley Carmichael,
    Clamps, Comrade Questions, Daphis, Daphnis, Freddy Foreshadowing,
    Luscinia, Luscinia Hafez, Starshine, Sunlight, Will, Will leFey, Yama,
    Yama the Space Fish, Count Bullets-ula, Lilacanddatura, Phoenixwing667, Darkprophet667, Ciconia, inimbe karu ava, and @Pure, Impure.

      It’s a small, small SJW world

      Yama the cyberstalker is rightly getting worried about the net that is slowly being drawn in around him. And he’s been running to everyone from David Futrelle to anti-#GamerGate in a desperate attempt to find someone who will protect him from a confrontation with the big bad wolf. But while they may not be fans of mine, it doesn’t appear they’re dumb enough to sign up for his “Operation Infiltrate” either.

      @SuperSpacedadHolly Jolly Spacedad
      @pure_impure I’m not sure what they’re on about over you – what do they think you said? I don’t trust anything GG says BTW.

      I wrote a scathing plot summary of one of Vox Day’s novels and Vox is pissed off.

      Space Bunny ‏@Spacebunnyday
      Yes, dear. It has nothing to do with 56 months of harassment of him and others, not to mention CP

      Liselle ‏@queenereshkigal
      That’s a serious claim. If u @Spacebunnyday can’t provide evidence of CP @twitter @support needs to ban u.

      pure, impure ‏@pure_impure
      There is no evidence. Vox and cronies made up the whole thing.

      Space Bunny ‏@Spacebunnyday
      Wishful thinking on Andrew’s part, or an outright lie… The police know the truth

      Vox Day ‏@voxday
      You’re lying, Yama. We are getting multiple affidavits from those who saw it.

      Solstice Post-it ‏@post_it_51
      The false-flag shit-poster is defending the harasser? Small SJW world

      If the name @SuperSpaceDad sounded familiar, this is why. I have to laugh at the idea of Yama being cross-examined at some point, as he can’t even maintain the smallest degree of consistency. How on EARTH could I possibly have “made up the whole thing” when there are numerous references to his pornographic stalking of the Gaede girls and Micetrap Records more than FIVE YEARS BEFORE he began cyberstalking me?

      If you’re looking for allies, Yama, I would suggest you contact John Scalzi, the Nielsen Haydens, Jim Hines, and Chris Kluwe. Perhaps they would not have a problem with your past predilection for porn-spamming minors.