Avanti Azzurri

Total domination of Turkey by Italy in the first game of the Euros. It was 3-0 and they could have easily scored one or two more. Mancini’s team is fast, aggressive, and really good on the ball. That’s the group won already, because neither Wales nor Switzerland is going to score 3 goals in the group stage, let alone one game.

Maybe he just hates golfers

That’s my preferred theory concerning this fox’s behavior, anyhow:

Golfers at a course in Verbier in Switzerland have had an unusual interruption to their games. A fox has chased and gathered over 100 golf balls from the course, often while the balls are still in play.

Foxes are fun.  We have a few that show up in the late afternoon to gorge on fallen fruit and like to play with shoes that are left outside. It’s always amusing to see an exasperated child who has forgotten to bring a pair of shoes inside and is grumbling about having to find where the foxes have left them this time.

NFL 12 Week One

And after an offseason nearly as tumultuous as last year’s, we’re back again. I don’t know about you, but I’m curious to see how all the rookie quarterbacks do. We can be certain that one or more will be stars and others will be busts, but no one knows who will fall into which category.

As for me, I really just want to see some improvement from Christian Ponder and a fully recovered AD. A win over Jax would be nice, of course, but that’s almost of secondary interest at this point. We already know the Vikes are rebuilding after missing their one-year window of opportunity in 2009, but do they have anything from which to build? That is the question.