Mailvox: no shenanigan too small

MR has suspicions about a petty “mistake” by Bank of America:

I enjoy your blog immensely and I know many others do too, that’s why I’m writing you this email in hopes that if you’ve heard of similar stories in the past, then you can publicize them in an article or something.

I just happened to be checking my Bank of America account when I noticed a $5.00 Maintenance Fee had been assessed on one of my accounts. I called and had this fixed and they told me that it was a mistake on their part. My question is, are they making this mistake over and over again in hope of some people not noticing it?

Regardless, this has been the final straw and I will be closing my accounts with them before noon.

Any other BoA depositors noticing similar “maintenance fees” on their accounts? Considering that they are sitting on around 12% of all American deposits, an additional $60 per account per year could add up to a tidy little profit without much effort. And why shouldn’t they freely engage in such shenanigans, considering that it has been reported that the Obama administration and the Congress are planning to “punish” them for their mortgage and fraudclosure crimes by fining them cents on the dollar in lieu of any criminal or civil penalties?