Jesus Christ is King

Whether conservatives and Churchians like it or not, whether they want to do so or not, they are going to have to make a choice between Jesus Christ and the Jews.

More and more people are waking up to the reality of who is really running this country into the ground. The truth of this reality cannot be contained by any amount of censorship. Candace is very brave for speaking about these things from her very large platform and we must stand with her amidst these attacks. She could have kept her mouth shut, kept her head down low, and ignored the patterns of behavior and truth that is there plainly to see, but she didn’t. Far too many “influencers” take the money and keep their mouths shut. Candace did what Christians are commanded to do: speak the truth boldly.

I don’t think many of you realize what time it is. In the past few months alone both South Dakota and Georgia governors signed bills codifying the IHRA definition of antisemitism into state law. This definition includes claims of Jews killing Jesus being “antisemitism.” Guess what that means, Christian? You can no longer share Bible verses such as Matthew 27:24-25, 1 Thessalonians 2:14-15, and many others which clearly and unequivocally state that the Jews killed Jesus Christ. The Stone Choir Podcast recently released an incredible episode on this subject. If you only listen to one podcast this year I highly encourage you to let it be this episode. You should also share it with your Pastor or Priest.

Let’s also not forget Rabbi Ron DeSantis and his recent flight to Israel to sign similar anti-1A legislation for the state of Florida making it illegal to pass out flyers in the street that Jews find offensive. Flyers that happen to contain some of these very Bible verses that I mentioned above as well as other factual and verifiable information on them.

“Communist China” isn’t doing this. “The radical left” isn’t doing this.

Red state governors are doing it at the behest of their Jewish donors and Zionist “Christians” are standing by and letting it happen.

Christ is King.

The fact is that the god of the Jews is not God the Father, and one need only ask a rabbi to confirm that. And if anyone is tempted to deny Jesus Christ for fear of being called anti-semitic, well, you would do well to think twice. There are consequences for such cowardice.

“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven. Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”
– Matthew 10:32-34


Those Who Can See Demons

I doubt it has ever occurred to these scientists that perhaps these people do not have a medical condition, it is merely that, unlike normal people, these individuals have the ability to see what is actually inside a person.

Do these faces look like demons to YOU? Doctors say you might have an extraordinarily rare condition.

Their distorted features would be the stuff of nightmares for many. But this is what everyday people look like to people with a rare condition called prosopometamorphopsia (PMO).

For the first time, researchers have been able to create realistic clinical pictures based on a patient’s experience of the facial distortions experienced by an individual with the ultra-rare condition.

‘Prosopo’ comes from the Greek word for face ‘prosopon’ while ‘metamorphopsia’ refers to perceptual distortions.

Perhaps what these people are seeing is merely a perceptual distortion, but given the historical lore and the complete absence of any material cause, logic suggests that it is more likely – especially in light of the fact that Clown World is literally demonic – these scientists studying PMO have been ordered to get out in front of the revelation of the true face of the clown-servants of Satan.

It rather reminds me of George MacDonald’s haunting description of the gift of the rose-fire that the princess gives to the young protagonist in The Princess and Curdie.

‘When there is a necessity for your knowing, when you have to do important business with this or that man, there is always a way of knowing enough to keep you from any great blunder. And as you will have important business to do by and by, and that with people of whom you yet know nothing, it will be necessary that you should have some better means than usual of learning the nature of them.

‘Now listen. Since it is always what they do, whether in their minds or their bodies, that makes men go down to be less than men, that is, beasts, the change always comes first in their hands—and first of all in the inside hands, to which the outside ones are but as the gloves. They do not know it of course; for a beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being a beast the less he knows it. Neither can their best friends, or their worst enemies indeed, see any difference in their hands, for they see only the living gloves of them. But there are not a few who feel a vague something repulsive in the hand of a man who is growing a beast.

‘Now here is what the rose-fire has done for you: it has made your hands so knowing and wise, it has brought your real hands so near the outside of your flesh gloves, that you will henceforth be able to know at once the hand of a man who is growing into a beast; nay, more—you will at once feel the foot of the beast he is growing, just as if there were no glove made like a man’s hand between you and it.

‘Hence of course it follows that you will be able often, and with further education in zoology, will be able always to tell, not only when a man is growing a beast, but what beast he is growing to, for you will know the foot—what it is and what beast’s it is. According, then, to your knowledge of that beast will be your knowledge of the man you have to do with.’


The End of Liberalism

The satanic seeds of the Enlightenment have finally blossomed to the point that they are killing entire nations. We’ve already learned, much to our surprise, that Communism is less fatal to a nation than the financial capitalism, neo-liberalism, and globalism of Clown World, now we’re discovering that even the insane ideology of the Juche, the state ideology of North Korea, is observably better for a nation than the best that the modern West has to offer.

I think it’s so funny that Korean women are so done with Korean men that they’re literally just deciding to die out. Y’all heard of the 4B movement. I’m a big fan. The 4B movement stands for these four things. It’s basically Korean feminism which is cheaper and more efficient.

The 4B movement initially gained recognition on Twitter in 2019 because of course it did, through various feminist social media accounts and they are focused on envisioning a future without men because of course they are. The cornerstone of feminism is that everything is oppressive. The 4B movement had an Escape the Corset movement. The word corset is used here for the societal mechanisms that bind and repress women like toxic beauty standards. Just like in Western feminism, toxic means anything I don’t like. I need all of this from you but you need something from me, that’s toxic. Korean women literally just gave up on their men they’re like, they’re not going to change so we’re all going to go extinct.

That’s where she’s wrong. She says that Korean women are mad at Korean men, but they’re actually mad at God, and if you don’t like that word, just call it the universe or physics or whatever, it’s the same thing. This is a hierarchy of creation, it goes from God or the universe all the way down through man to woman to child to the natural world and all the way back up. It goes both ways. Basically the universe just is the way it is, you can’t get rid of gravity and men have to deal with that directly and build things from it, and we also give approval and attention and validation to women, who then provide nurturing to communities and children. Their role is to be the learners and they provide creativity and new ways in developing new things to do with the natural world, which is howwe get new things like the internet or different types of cheese or whatever, but in the same way that man cannot simply ignore the rules of gravity, women cannot simply ignore what men need from them either, otherwise we can’t do our jobs, that’s just how reality works.

S what these women are saying is I want resources and money and power and everything, I just don’t want to provide men with what they need in order to continue creating them. Usually what keeps this whole thing going is that men provide women with approval, attention, and validation, so basically if men don’t follow the rules of the universe, then they don’t get what they need from the universe. That’s just physically how life works, you need to know when to plant seeds and stuff, and usually when women don’t follow the rules made by men, and give men what they need, then men don’t provide women with what they need in return.

But now women have these cellphones that are providing them with all of this approval, attention, and validation, which makes them think “I don’t need men anymore” even though men are still making all the stuff, so because women are no longer providing this men are no longer providing that, which means no one can have any of these things and women are saying “okay we’d rather die”. that’s what quotes like this mean.

Rebellion is as the sin of Witchcraft because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He has also rejected you from being King. That means if you don’t do as the universe demands then you’re not going to get anything from it. So man has to build society according to the rules of reality and women have to fit into society according to the rules of society, and then children have get good grades or they don’t get the ice cream or whatever. It works the sameway. The Bible uses that word a lot, rebellious, and what that means is “I want the benefits but I’m not going to follow the rules,” that’s why this argument is so important. “I want you to provide me with things but I’m not going to provide anything back.”

Imagine if you were saying “I want food to grow, I’m just not going to do any farming,” that’s what this is illustrating. If you don’t do what you have to then you don’t get anything back, and if you don’t provide men with what they need in order to make food and fix buildings and stuff, then they’re not going to give you any of those things and then everyone die. I’m not saying that men don’t have work to do, I don’t know what’s going on in Korea, maybe the corset is too tight, maybe men need to start providing something new, but if it’s anything like American feminism, it’s probably all get-get-get and never “where are we getting this from” and every time you break that chain you just die off, which they literally are, by the way.

Korea has the lowest birthrates in the world but I just think that’s so funny… Korean as an ethnicity is about to go away. It works the same every time you fill your mind with entitlement, you blame somebody for what you don’t have, and then you use the government to take it away from them. When the government gives stuff to women for free, then women stop giving men support and men go “what’s the point” and then women go “what’s the point” and then well, bye-bye, Korea.

Except Korea will not die. The Korea that will survive is Best Korea. Scientific, evolutionarily-superior Korea. It’s very unlikely that South Korean women will be permitted to simply die off and end Korean civilization, the odds significantly favor them instead being enslaved and utilized by the North Koreans to ensure national survival. And the great irony is that these women will apparently be happier as slaves than as free women allowed to pursue any path they wanted, because, when given complete freedom to become anything they imagined, they consciously chose rebellion against their Creator and suicide.

Clown World is a satanic global fail.


The Demonic Dirt

Haiti is descending into the depths of diversity.

Haiti has descended into cannibal gangs chasing people around and taking over police station.

Their Prime Minister has fled the country.

“The god who created the sun which gives us light, who rouses the waves and rules the storm, though hidden in the clouds, he watches us. He sees all that the white man does. The god of the white man inspires us with crime, but our god calls upon us to do good works. Our god who is good to us orders us to revenge our wrongs. He will direct our arms and aid us. Throw away the symbol of the god of the whites who has caused us to weep, and listen to the voices of liberty, which speaks in the hearts of us all.”
– Boukman, Bwa Kayiman Vodou Congress, Haiti, 14 August 1791


Those Who Call Evil Good

An Australian pastor asks why so many of his self-professed fellow believers can’t see the evil in the murderous frenzy of the Gazacaust:

I know many of the Christians who are supporting Israel have condemned other nations in recent years for doing far less. But their misunderstanding of the nature of the identity of God’s people only applying to those who believe in Jesus by faith and having nothing to do with genetics, causes them to overlook the clear evil intent behind the levelling of an entire city, and the devastation of the people in that city. Christians are partnering with Molech in a tragic way, and they cannot even see it. Although, I have noticed that less and less of these people are defending it, as time goes by, which is a good sign that the devastation Israel is causing is making them uncomfortable.

This should be a warning to all of us who claim the name of Christ that we need to be diligent and wary to the encroachment of unbiblical doctrines that rise to prominence in the Church. Any one of us that might consider ourselves mature could become slack in our study of the word, reliance on the guidance of the Spirit of God through his word and other believers, and fall into a place of immaturity. We should not speak to others blindness without being willing to examine our own blind spots. But that does not mean that we should not be concerned about how many believers appear to lack discernment between good and evil. This is deeply concerning and has genuinely negative impacts in our world. Bad theology is supporting a terrible foreign policy that has destroyed countless lives in the Middle East for 80 years or so.

Many good Christians were hung out to dry during covid because the leaders of the church could not see the clear evil that was happening, or could but were afraid to speak out about it. Many good Christians have been hung out to dry on many issues. But who would have thought that so many believers would not be able to call a mass killing of people in a small, underdeveloped region of the world the evil that it is?

Israel is just another nation. It is neither intrinsically good nor intrinsically bad on the basis of its geography or dominant ethnicity. The Israelis have absolutely no historic claim to the land except the same right of conquest by which most people, including Americans, hold their land; even their historic claim is based on invasion and the genocide of the native people living in the land of Canaan.

Which means that Israel must be held to the same standard to which all other nations of the world are held to account. And yet, many self-professed, self-styled Christians are actively working to prevent the Israeli government or its people from being held accountable for their genocidal actions.

This suppressive action by South Dakota and other state legislatures is obviously a Clown World attack on Americans, Christians, and the First Amendment to the Constitution, as well as further evidence that neither Donald Trump nor most Republicans are actually on the side of the angels. None of these antisemitism laws are likely to hold up in court, given their blatant anti-constitutionality, but they are being passed and signed into law nevertheless in order to try to intimidate the American people into remaining silent when they should be speaking out against the global satanists who presently rule over them.

When even the pagans speak out against the wickedness they are witnessing, should not Christians do the same?

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday, March 7, called Israel’s war in Gaza a “disgrace for civilization”. “It is a tragedy for humankind and a disgrace for civilization that today, in the 21st century, this humanitarian disaster cannot be stopped,” Wang told journalists at a press conference.

This is not a political problem. It’s not going to be fixed by electing different politicians. It is, rather, the inevitable consequence of failing to prevent the wicked from ascending to the pulpits. The Apostle Paul warned Christians about the wolves in sheep’s clothing who would infiltrate their churches, but Catholics and Protestants alike failed to guard their doctrine, their dioceses, their deacons, and their pulpits.

Lest you give into fear and the temptation to accept the wicked as your spiritual leaders, don’t forget that we are told God will hold those accountable who call good evil, and evil good. Which is why my response to the self-styled Christians who proclaim that a certain ethnicity are uniquely unfallen beings who are in no need of salvation through Jesus Christ and are thereby worth of being protected from all criticism with the force of law is this: are you really sure your professed beliefs are in line with the eternal Word of God?


A Quote, Updated

Ayn Rand’s famous quote about the difference between Communism and Socialism didn’t go anywhere nearly far enough to be accurate. I tend to doubt she ever truly understood that she was never on the side of the angels. Her flawed ideology, as with that of her successors, has been completely undermined by the opportunity to see some of the consequences of its concepts put into practice, and illustrates how secular reason inevitably fails due to its intrinsic inability to take the supernatural into account.


A Few Thoughts on Usury

First, it’s necessary to define usury, which is not synonymous with either “loan” or “interest”, although unsurprisingly, the modern definition has been corrupted and is incorrect. The American Heritage defines it thusly:

  • The practice of lending money and charging the borrower interest, especially at an exorbitant or illegally high rate.
  • An excessive or illegally high rate of interest charged on borrowed money.
  • Interest charged or paid on a loan.

Even in the precise wordings of the definition, we can see the ambiguity that is the red flag that a word spell has been cast. If both interest charged and paid on a loan are usury, then both the lender and the borrower are usurers. And if all interest paid is usury, then there is no need to bring the rate of interest into the equation at all, and any exorbitant, excessive, or illegal aspect is irrelevant.

Now, the history of economics, especially as recounted by Murray Rothbard, is essentially the history of relentlessly challenging the Catholic Church’s ban on usury. And in retrospect, it’s clear that this incoherence is the direct result of centuries of gradually chipping away at the concept through adulteration and expansion of the moral and legal permissibility of usury.

In order to determine if a proposed contract is usurious, only three questions need be asked. If the answers to all three questions are unanimously yes, then the contract is not usurious and it is a legitimate census agreement as opposed to an illegitimate and usurious mutuum agreement:

  1. Is interest charged on the loan?
  2. Has the borrower posted collateral providing security on the loan?
  3. Is the lender’s recourse for recovery of principal and interest, in a case of default, limited to the named collateral and only the named collateral?

The difference, as is made abundantly clear in this extremely useful and well-informed FAQ on the subject, depends upon the nature of the guarantee for the loan, and NOT the existence of any interest. This is why student loans, credit card loans, and even car and home loans that are backed by personal guarantees are wicked, whereas corporate bonds and convertible notes are not. It is also why usury is so uniformly destructive from an entirely secular sense, while allowing the usurers to hide behind the legitimate utility of debt that permits the healthy growth of agriculture and industry without inevitably giving way to a credit bubble and eventual economic collapse.

In fact, the etymological shift in the definitional focus from collateral to interest looks downright suspicious to me as a student of historical kakology.

When reading old books and documents on usury it is important to keep in mind that the word ‘loan’ in English translations is almost always a translation of ‘mutuum’ or the like. It refers specifically to loans secured by the personal guarantee of the borrower, sometimes called a ‘loan for consumption’. Not all modern ‘debt’ or ‘loans’ are secured by the personal guarantee of a borrower or borrowers…

St. Thomas Aquinas explains that usurious lending involves selling something which does not exist.  This is very counterintuitive to people indoctrinated in modernity, and yet obvious once you’ve set aside modern anti-realism about property and economic value. 

Another way to see that what is bought-and-sold in a mutuum does not exist is to observe that, under the terms of the contract, it is possible for the lender to fail to recover everything he is entitled to recover under the contract. The reason a full recourse lender is sometimes unable to recover what he is owed under the terms of the contract is because what he is owed under the terms of the contract does not exist…

Part of what made the usury doctrine clear to me when I first really began to grasp it (as opposed to – and I was as guilty of this as anyone – superficially dismissing caricatures rooted in anti-realist modernism) is that as an investor and entrepreneur, I see investment contracts involving peronal guarantees of repayment as inherently dysfunctional. If either the investor or the entrepreneur feels the need to throw personal guarantees into the mix in order to get the deal done, that is a major red flag that the proposed capital structure of the investment doesn’t make sense on its own terms. Usually this is because the property risks – the risks of partial or total loss of capital invested – in the investment are high enough to make a simple fixed-interest debt instrument inappropriate. Instead of personal guarantees the structure should be something like a convertible note, with equity upside, or it should be secured by a larger base of existing (though probably illiquid) capital. Basically, someone is trying to consume capital they don’t have and/or shift their own risks – the risks inherent in their own portfolios of property – onto third parties, personally.

Anyway, I haven’t really added anything new to the ancient understanding of usury here. I was just a guy who happened to be standing in the right spot to see what caused the train wreck, and I’m trying to explain what I saw in our common modern language as best I can. Like theft usury often does pay, at least in the short run, and it causes all sorts of damage that impacts different people differently and unfairly. Usury is inherently dysfunctional and morally evil, like theft. It may be mildly interesting sociologically that the Catholic Church was right for millennia about a simple core financial and moral truth that modern people, for all their putative economic and technical sophistication, have gotten completely wrong.

This may be useful in the current economic hard times, as those who are wise stewards of their resources are likely to have friends, families, and acquaintances coming to them and asking them for help that goes beyond the usual charity that does not require deciding between one serious opportunity and another. The thing that is important to understand is that while one can provide a loan, and one can legitimately receive interest on that loan, the collateral provided as a guarantee against default on it must be real, specific, and, of course, proportional to the value of the combined principle and scheduled interest of the loan.

For example, if a farmer who owns ten acres of land worth 60k borrows 10k from you, you cannot hold him responsible for repaying it. And while you can require him to put up his land as collateral as a condition for the loan, you can’t legitimately have him provide all ten acres he owns as a guarantee since the land is worth 6k per acre. In that case, two acres is sufficient backing for the principle and interest; a proper census contract tends to look a lot more like a normal sale with a time delay than a bank loan full of terms and conditions that are manifestly one-sided and predatory.

Now, all this being said, it is still possible that the traditional distinction made by Christendom between mutuum and census is insufficient without a periodic jubilee, as this selection from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica shows:

In Athens about the time of Solon’s legislation (594 B.C.) the bulk of the population, who had originally been small proprietors or metayers, became gradually indebted to the rich to such an extent that they were practically slaves. Those who still kept their property nominally were in the position of Irish cottiers: they owed more than they could pay, and stone pillars erected on their land showed the amount of the debts and the names of the lenders. Usury had given all the power of the state to a small plutocracy.

The remedy which Solon adopted was of a kind that we are accustomed to consider as purely modern. In the first place, it is true that according to ancient practice he proclaimed a general seisachtheia, or shaking off of burdens: he cancelled all the debts made on the security of the land or the person of the debtor. This measure alone would, however, have been of little service had he not at the same time enacted that henceforth no loans could be made on the bodily security of the debtor, and the creditor was confined to a share of the property. The consequence of this simple but effective reform was that Athens was never again disturbed by the agitation of insolvent debtors. Solon left the rate of interest to be determined by free contract, and sometimes the rate was exceedingly high, but none of the evils so generally prevalent in antiquity were experienced.

It is informative to observe that Solon’s successful solution to the problem of usury-based plutocracy of the sort that we are presently observing all across the West was very similar, though not identical, to the later teachings of Aquinas on the subject. And it’s interesting to note that the Solonic imposition of a limit to the share on the property serving as collateral is exactly the same conclusion that I independently reached in the paragraph above, while his proclamation of a general seisachtheia is exactly what Michael Hudson prescribes for the global economy.


Just a Little Harmless Satanism

After an NFL tweet appeared to show rapper Ice Spice making “devil horn” hand gestures while wearing an inverted cross at Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, fact-checking site Snopes and entertainment news site TMZ both ran stories pushing back on responses to the viral video.

While Snopes initially dismissed the social media response to the rapper’s necklace as “conspiracy theories,” the site later published an update that read, “This article was updated with reports that the cross worn by Ice Spice was indeed an inverted cross custom designed by Alex Moss.”

An earlier report from Snopes said the pendant appeared to be an equal-armed Greek cross rather than an inverted one — a notion refuted by Moss’ own social media, which clearly shows several images of the true shape of the necklace, along with other similar designs.

Snopes also disputed the notion that an inverted or upside-down is a satanic symbol, contrasting the symbol with the Cross of St. Peter, a Catholic symbol. “The belief that an inverted (upside-down) cross represents satanism, or literal devil-worship, is more widespread than it is accurate,” wrote Snopes fact-checker David Emery, who made a distinction between satanic groups in a previous fact-check on allegations involving Chelsea Clinton.

In a 2018 article entitled, “Does Chelsea Clinton Wear an Upside-Down ‘Satanic’ Cross?” Emery points out that while the so-called “Church of Satan … [does] not regard the inverted cross as an official symbol,” the inverted cross has a “more prominent place” with The Satanic Temple (TST,) which uses the symbol in one of its rituals. The article then offers a qualifier that while neither group shares “a literal belief” in the devil, they both “completely reject theism” and hold to “philosophies in rational self-interest and individualism instead.”

TMZ, meanwhile, assured its readers that the inverted cross had “no devil ties behind it whatsoever,” and even cropped an image on its website to inaccurately portray the cross necklace as more like a Greek cross rather than an inverted one. Describing the response from what TMZ called “pearl-clutchers,” the “exclusive” article said there was “nothing un-godly about this pendant at all — at least that’s what we’re being told anyway. It’s just a sweet piece of ice with no devil ties behind it whatsoever,” the post added. “Our sources assure us … there was nothing satanic behind the meaning/design of the piece.”

The TMZ report was less clear about the hand gesture seen being flashed by Taylor Swift’s suite guest at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, making a single reference to the hand sign.

“A hand gesture she made at one point — quiet coyote — certainly didn’t help either with the unholy accusations,” TMZ wrote, in an apparent reference to the “quiet coyote” hand signal used by teachers and other adults to get children to “quiet down” and pay attention.

TMZ failed to elaborate further on this description.

Likewise, Snopes called the hand signal “harmless” and pushed back against suggestions that the Balenciaga wardrobe worn by Spice had any links to satanism despite the brand facing backlash in 2022 for an ad campaign that featured “disturbing images” of children.

When the satanic globalist pedophiles get literally caught in the act of sexually abusing children and sacrificing them to the Devil, I have no doubt whatsoever that Snopes and TMZ, along with the rest of the mainstream media, will be declaring that it is “harmless” and there is “nothing at all satanic, or even religious, about human sacrifice to a being that is nothing more than a

Frankly, far from soothing anyone’s supicions, these attempts to whitewash celebrity satanism raises some serious questions about whatever this “quiet coyote” hand signal that is being used by teachers – that’s not at all suspicious – and other adults happens to be. So, who are these “other adults”, exactly, and in what context are they making hand signals to children?

UPDATE: First, the “quiet coyote” hand sign was literally popularized by the Devil Mouse. So, it’s satanic in origin. Two, it’s not utilized in an upside-down manner anyhow.


Angels vs Demons

There shouldn’t be any question which side is on the side of the angels and which is most definitely not in what purports to be a war between Russia and Ukraine. One side is openly Christian and is fighting on their own land. The other side is led by an avowedly anti-Christian regime that is funded by Clown World and is literally persecuting priests and closing down churches.

It’s a cold, rainy, damp morning in the deep Donbass countryside, at a secret location close to the Urozhaynoye direction; a nondescript country house, crucially under the fog, which prevents the work of enemy drones.

Father Igor, a military priest, is blessing a group of local contract-signed volunteers to the Archangel Gabriel battalion, ready to go to the front lines of the US vs. Russia proxy war. The man in charge of the battalion is one of the top-ranking officers of Orthodox Christian units in the DPR. A small shrine is set up in the corner of a small, cramped room, decorated with icons. Candles are lit, and three soldiers hold the red flag with the icon of Jesus in the center. After prayers and a small homily, Father Igor blesses each soldier.

This is yet another stop in a sort of itinerant icon road show, started in Kherson, then Zaporozhye and all the way to the myriad DPR front lines, led by my gracious host Andrey Afanasiev, military correspondent for the Spas channel, and later joined in Donetsk by a decorated fighter for the Archangel Michael battalion, an extremely bright and engaging young man codename Pilot.

There are between 28 and 30 Orthodox Christian battalions fighting in Donbass. That’s the power of Orthodox Christianity. To see them at work is to understand the essentials: how the Russian soul is capable of any sacrifice to protect the core values of its civilization.

A fact that has been assiduously avoided by the pro-NATO media is that a significant number of the “Russian” forces, and a disproportionate number of the Russian casualties, are not soldiers of the Russian Army. They are members of the local militias who are residents of the Donbass, the two republics that voted for their independence in 2014 and were formally annexed by Russia in 2022, and many of those soldiers have been fighting the Ukrainian military forces for a decade.

It’s as if Texas declared independence, was invaded and occupied by the US military, which was later driven out by the Texans with the assistance of Mexico. The analogy is imperfect, because Russia has taken, and will continue to take, Ukrainian land outside of the Donbas, but the special military operation is, and has always been, more a war of liberation than a foreign military invasion.

Russia has relied upon the local militias, as well as the Chechens and private military companies, in order to preserve most of its regular troops to fight the US Army. And, of course, the morale of the local militias is incredibly high because they are literally fighting for their land and their own homes.


Negativity is the Consequence of Degeneracy

The great 20th century historian, Sir Charles Oman, presciently illuminates the philosophical mediocrity and fundamental inutility of what he describes as the Pessimist, and what we would describe as a Blackpiller, a doomsayer, or an MGTOW, in today’s selection from his epic STUDIES IN NAPOLEONIC WARFARE now being serialized on the Castalia Library substack.

The conception of the history of the world as a process of consistent deterioration, from a golden age down to a catastrophe well earned by degenerate mankind, is not a very cheerful or inspiring one to guide the way of life. The most obvious deduction from it is, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”. The average man finds within himself no power to withstand the stream of tendency in which he believes himself carried along toward an unhappy end. He does not even exclaim with Hamlet:

The World is out of joint—O cursed spite
That ever I was born to set it right.

For how few minds even conceive the idea that it is their duty to stand against the spirit of the times, hard though the task may be.

Historical Perspective: Man’s Outlook on History, Sir Charles Oman

This is precisely why I harbor neither respect nor regard for those who have nothing to offer the world except their ceaseless predictions of inevitable doom. For as Sir Charles explains, their negativity is the inevitable and inescapable consequence of their own degeneracy.

Hope is a Christian virtue. Even in a fallen world populated by mediocrities, engulfed by lies, and ruled by inverts, demons, and satanic pedophiles, we have the undying hope of the Cross. Despite our own flaws, sins, stupidities, and shortcomings, the Almighty God chose to extend His hand to us, and through His Son, offer us a way out of the material mire.

Having taken that Divine hand, it is now our duty to stand against the evil spirit of our times. Not our desire, our dream, or our mood of the day. Our duty, however hard it might be.

And if our inspired optimism pains our enemies, if our relentless conviction burns them, if our Christian faith enrages them, if our intolerance makes them feel bad about themselves, that is only further testimony to the fact that our perspective is essentially beautiful, good, and true.