Farage is Not the Answer

James Delingpole eloquently explains why Nigel Farage serves the same master as Boris Johnson and Keith Starmer:

How do we know that Farage is compromised? Well, as with everyone else in that broad and bitterly divisive category ‘Controlled Opposition’, there are always one or two tells that give the game away.

In Farage’s case, I’d say one big clue was during Covid when he had himself pictured banging pots and pans for our NHS. Another was the extraordinary and never-to-be memory-holed moment when he called for Tony Blair to be appointed Britain’s Vaccine Czar.

Now you could argue, as many Farage defenders no doubt would, that this was uncharacteristic behaviour, the product of misplaced panic and a genuine belief that ‘Covid’ really was the terrible danger ‘the experts’ said it was.

I’m quite sympathetic to this line of argument: many of us have changed our views quite radically over years and it would be a bit unfair, not to say misleading, to hold us accountable for nonsense we have since rejected. But this excuse only works if there’s a degree of contrition and repentance, especially if your behaviour and public statements have been as egregiously wrong-headed as Farage’s were during ‘Covid.’

Sure Farage has been hinting recently that he now thinks the vaccines weren’t quite as safe and effective as we were told at the time. But this is just tactical trimming, not the complete change of course that would be needed were we to take Farage seriously as a credible opponent of the New World Order.

Covid was a test which Farage – and many others – failed and failed utterly. You do not redeem yourself from such disgrace by shrugging your shoulders, muttering that mistakes were made and sighing ‘Ah. Next time, eh?’

Either you acknowledge that Covid was the largest scale assault on human freedoms in the history of the world – or you are part of the problem. You can’t redeem yourself by being quite sound on other stuff like immigration and the environment. It’s like being pro human sacrifice but expecting some leeway because you once gave some money to a lovely rehabilitation centre for injured capybaras.

“Ah but he can’t speak out on all the issues because…” I can hear Reform voters protesting.

“Oh, yeah, right, because what?” I’m afraid I’m going to have to rudely interrupt. “Because mass injecting the populace with deadly toxins that kill and maim them is one of those moot issues where there are pros and cons on both sides? Because there are times when it’s really important that governments should use massive amounts of taxpayers’ money to bribe the media to lie relentlessly to the public so that they’re easier to manipulate and poison? No, sorry. Being right about Ukraine doesn’t cut it. Not if as late as 2024 you’re a politician and you’re STILL not calling out the Covid scam for what it was and is: a shameless wealth transfer to the superrich; a controlling mechanism; a mass population cull.”

So no, I don’t think that Farage – or Richard Tice or Reform – are on our side. I think, whether wittingly or no, they’re just another part of the operation steering us towards the implementation of the New World Order on behalf of the people who hate us and want to kill us or enslave us.

Delingpole is right. It’s not enough if some media celebrity or politician says one, or two, or three things that you happen to agree with. Either you are down with Clown World or you are not.

And these days, that’s the only thing that matters. This isn’t about expecting perfection, this is about a base expectation that one stands against the evil in this world rather than embrace and endorse it.