China Puts Troops on the Ground

China appears to be warning NATO not to attack Belarus. Global Times reports Chinese troops have arrived in Belarus, on the border of Ukraine:

According to a press release from the Belarusian Defense Ministry on Saturday, military personnel from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have arrived in Belarus to participate in the joint anti-terrorism exercise scheduled from July 8 to 19.

The joint exercise will allow for the exchange of experience, the coordination of Belarusian and Chinese units, and the establishment of a foundation for further development of Belarusian-Chinese relations in the field of joint military training, said the Belarusian press release.

Photos released by the Belarusian Defense Ministry show the PLA troops arriving in Belarus on a Y-20 strategic transport aircraft of the PLA Air Force.

The joint drill was announced after Belarus officially jointed the SCO on Thursday, becoming its 10th member state, the Xinhua News Agency reported on the day.

This move is obviously being made in response to the buildup of NATO forces near the borders of Belarus. It’s apparent that Clown World is finding it difficult to accept the reality of its defeat in Ukraine, and is threatening to double down on its losing bet by openly sending in NATO forces.

By clarifying its pro-Russian position, China is calling what any sane observer would assume to be a bluff, although it is entirely possible that the Clown Worlders are desperate enough, and insane enough, to launch an attack on Belarus while claiming that it is not an attack on Russia.