Elegy for European Civilization

An Australian laments the end of what used to be his country:

Each day I wake up to a country I don’t recognise.

Everyone’s a foreigner and I get called a bigot if I notice that.

I used to be friends with all my neighbours.

But they moved out and the new ones don’t speak English.

We don’t make eye contact when we walk past each other and that makes me feel strange.

On weekends I used to leave my car unlocked when I went down to the beach.

Yesterday there was a knife attack there. I don’t think I’ll go to the beach again.

There are no Christmas decorations in the stores anymore.

But sometimes I notice there’s decorations for Diwali. I don’t know what that is.

Most days I just sit inside and watch TV.

The TV tells me I need to respect other cultures.

For some reason that means no more Easter eggs or Australia Day or Christmas.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I migrated to Pakistan and told them to change their whole country just to make me feel comfortable.

I don’t think they’d like that but I don’t want to assume.

And sometimes it feels like my culture’s being squeezed out existence.

Suffocated by all these new people being poured on top of it.

I don’t really know why they moved here.

The streets don’t look the same anymore.

There’s no sense of community.

We’re all just strangers who live close to each other by some strange chance.

No doubt the American Indians similarly came to lament the foolish decision of their forebears to welcome the refugees from Europe, just as their successors are now learning to regret the decision of their ancestors to welcome “the poor and huddled masses” that have now demolished what was the most powerful nation in human history, and Europeans are beginning to grasp the terrible price of their magnanimous embrace of “the right of free movement”.

Some civilizations are conquered. Others are destroyed by their own internal contradictions. But in this case, it was the subversion and intellectual subjugation by a satanic foreign elite, combined with the widespread abandonment of the Christian culture that made Europe uniquely great, that has led to the decline and coming fall of the nations of what was once Christendom.

The truth always matters. And the sons of the fallen West are paying a very steep price for swallowing the inversion that satanists are “our elder brothers in the faith”. Those who are not willing to literally fight to preserve their culture will inevitably lose their culture in the end.