Time is on Xi’s Side

It’s clear that Xi is fully informed with regards to the US strategy to fight China while it still has some advantages left to it:

Xi Jinping has said that the US tried to provoke the Chinese military into attacking Taiwan but that Beijing did not take the bait, the Financial Times reported on Saturday, citing sources. According to people familiar with the matter cited by the paper, Xi made the remarks during a private meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in April 2023. The Chinese president also reportedly relayed concerns about Washington’s alleged attempts to trick Beijing into invading the self-governed island to his officials.

Beijing considers Taiwan to be sovereign Chinese territory under its One-China policy. The island has been self-governing since 1949 when nationalists fled the mainland with US help after losing the Chinese Civil War to the communists.

Financial Times described Xi’s reported remarks to von der Leyen as the first known time he told a foreign leader that the US was trying to goad Beijing into invading Taiwan. The Chinese president also reportedly explained that a conflict with the US would be detrimental to China and derail its plans for a “great rejuvenation” by 2049.

As I have repeatedly written, China wants a peaceful reunification with Taiwan island on the basis of the Hong Kong model. While there is no formal time limit to Taiwan’s US-backed pseudo-independence, everyone on all sides of the equation knows there is a practical limit, even if no one knows what it is. As the Chinese economy and military power continues to grow, and as the US economy and military power continues to decline, eventually a tipping point will be reached at which the Taiwanese faith in the USA and the USA’s willingness to go to war simultaneously vanish.

That is when China will peacefully take full political control of the island. Once the inevitable becomes the undeniable, any possibility of war over Taiwan will disappear. Unlike Russia, which was unable to resist the bait of a Ukrainian invasion of the Donbass republics and the potential loss of the Crimea and was forced to intervene militarily, Clown World possesses no similarly effective bait for China. It’s worth noting that despite being lured into launching the Special Military Operation, Putin has steadfastly resisted the invitation to attack the USA, the UK, Poland, or any of the European countries despite the relentless provocations by those effective belligerents.

Both Xi and Putin clearly understand that the USA is controlled by satanic foreign forces who value American lives no more highly than its Kiev regime values Ukrainian lives. They also understand that the satanic forces can only degrade and destroy, they can neither build nor maintain a society capable of exerting power on a global or even regional scale. Putin has even said as much about the United States in his June 14th speech at the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

As for the United States itself, the ongoing attempts by the liberal-globalist elites ruling there today to spread their ideology worldwide by any means, to maintain their imperial status, their dominance, only further exhaust the country, lead it to degradation, and directly contradict the true interests of the American people. If it weren’t for this dead-end path, aggressive messianism, mixed with a belief in their own chosenness and exceptionalism, international relations would have long been stabilized.

World War III is proving to be more sophisticated, and even more interesting, than either of its predecessors, because two of the central figures on the nationalist side have a not-inconsiderable understanding of the true nature, and the material limitations, of their enemy.