A Narrative Fail

What we observe in the aftermath of The Guardian’s most recent hit piece on yours truly is the declining ability of the mainstream media to drive a narrative. Consider the search results on several different search engines:

1. The Guardian
2. Sigma Game comments

1. Sigma Game
2. The Guardian
3. Press Reader Australia
4. Vox Popoli

1. Sigma Game
2. The Guardian
3. Sigma Game comments
4. Press Reader Australia
5. Vox Popoli

1. Sigma Game
2. The Guardian
3. Vox Popoli

Ironically, giving the small subset of Guardian readers that actually read any one story that isn’t a front-page headliner, it is very probable that more people either read about the hit piece on Sigma Game or here on VP than they read the piece itself in the newspaper or on the paper’s site. And the fact that Google is the only search engine where the Guardian appeared first is quite likely due to Sundar Pikachu’s shadowbanning of any site related to me.