Boomers Would Love to Help

But, you know, not if that meant lowering their standard of living at all.

Baby boomers can see younger Australians are struggling financially and want to help where they can, but they are not willing to do so at the expense of their retirement lifestyle, new research shows.

Four in five Australians over 65 think their children are facing harder times than they experienced at the same age and a corresponding three in four believe passing on their wealth is important, according to new research by the banking and superannuation company AMP.

But despite wanting to help, seven in 10 surveyed said they were unlikely to compromise their retirement lifestyle to do so.

If there is one thing you can count on from Boomers, it’s that they will make the wrong choice every single time and they’ll always have an excuse to justify it. They’d love to see the grandkids… but not if that means actually going there to visit them. Oh, and they’d love to have the grandkids come and stay with them, sadly, the one week the kids have school vacation just happens to land on the very dates they’ve got that cruise planned.