For Once He’s Not Wrong

Fake Pope Francis upsets his satanic allies with some uncharacteristically straight talk about the descent of the Post-Catholic Church into antichristianity:

Pope Francis has allegedly shocked bishops in Italy by using an offensive slur when saying that homosexual men should not be admitted to church seminaries because there is already ‘too much’ gay sexual activity. The pontiff told a closed-door meeting at an episcopal conference at the Vatican that homosexual men should not be allowed into colleges to train for the priesthood, Italian media reports.

Bishops at the meeting were reportedly taken aback by the language the 87-year-old used to make the statement – the derogatory word ‘frociaggine‘, which roughly translates to “faggotry”.

Italian news agency Adnkronos, citing sources, reported that the Pope said in the speech: ‘Look: there is already an air of faggotry around that is not good. There is today’s culture of homosexuality with respect to those who have a homosexual orientation [who] are better off not being accepted [into the seminary].’

When the amount of inversion is too much even for the Devil’s servants, you know the pendulum is well-overdue to start swinging back hard.