Will NATO Go All In?

Ukraine has been defeated. And NATO has been defeated in Ukraine. The proxy war is essentially over. The question now is if Clown World will accept defeat and all the consequences it entails, or whether it will provoke a direct war with Russia:

Ukraine is at a crossroads and a potential breaking point. The political situation has hit rock bottom, with Zelensky’s authority and legitimacy quickly unspooling; the manpower issue is reportedly very bad and is not being addressed by the newly announced mobilization; and on top of all that, Russia appears on the brink of opening up another in a series of new fronts that could bring the AFU to the brink by stretching the lines like never before.

Here’s where the ominous signs begin.

There are increasing signals that the covert plan from the globalist controllers is to get Ukraine to leave Russia with no choice but to escalate drastically and bring NATO in some form, whether limited or not, into the fight. Ex-British MP Andrew Bridgen stated that this is the real reason why Rishi Sunak has called an early election—he refuses to be a ‘war time president’.

My perception is that cooler heads will ultimately prevail, simply because both the Middle East front and the Asian front are more important to Clown World if it prioritizes its survival rather than its continued global rule. But there is no guarantee that the longer-sighted parties will make the decisions, and indeed, there is a case to be made by the nationalist side that a conclusive global war might be preferable to putting things off until World War IV.