Way Too Little, Way Too Late

The Biden Adminstration puts tariffs on Chinese imports:

The US rolled out steep tariffs on Chinese products on Tuesday, quadrupling duties on electric vehicles (EVs) to over 100% and imposing new levies on computer chips, solar cells and lithium-ion batteries. The White House says the new measures are intended to “protect American workers and businesses.”

The tariffs will affect $18 billion of Chinese imported goods, including steel and aluminum, semiconductors, batteries, critical minerals, solar cells and cranes.

Biden administration officials claim the measures have come in response to years of “unfair trade practices” by China, including forced technology transfers, intellectual property violations, and cyberhacking of American businesses.

The time for tariffs is when a country still has industrial capacity, not after it has transitioned to a so-called “service economy”. Service economies don’t win wars, they service the soldiers of the victors.

And it’s not like this is going to help US electric vehicle manufacturers. No one wants to buy their products whether a Chinese alternative is available or not.