Their Journey is Just Beginning

The Big Bear obliterates the Boomer hatred for their descendants:

Boomers love to brag about how they’ll be dead before the check comes for their filthy indulgent lifestyles. The fact their children and grandchildren will live with their horrible decisions actually makes them smirk. “I won’t be around to see it! It’s your problem now, suckers!” they snicker to their exhausted children.

“All you do is complain! Get a better job then! I’m going on a cruise!” the Boomer says to their children, now in 120k of unpayable college debt because they made the terrible mistake of trusting the guidance of their deranged and narcissistic parents.

Well, Boomer, you may be happy now that you die before the check comes and you really pulled one over on everyone! But Boomer, you’re wrong about everything. Your mind is full of nonsense. Wanna know what else you might be wrong about? The eternal soul.

The Boomer is no fool, he knows the Big Bang happened, and then bacteria banged and here he is! And he played golf on the moon! And when he dies that’s it! The dirt nap!

Well, Boomer, there is also a possibility that you’re heading straight to hell and your journey is just beginning.

In retrospect, Generation X should have paid much closer attention to Animal House. Because as children, we fucked up, we trusted them.

“Is that Jimmy Buffet I’m hearing?”