Oh, No! Anyway…

I’m trying to figure out what sort of retard in the US State Department thinks that anyone in a position of leadership in Russia or North Korea, or anywhere else for that matter, gives a fragment of a flying rodent’s posterior about the USA’s diplomatic concerns about North Korea.

The recent rapprochement between Russia and North Korea could embolden Pyongyang to take a more risky approach in the global arena, a senior US diplomat has warned. Deputy Assistant Secretary Jung Pak, who serves as the State Department’s senior official for North Korea, told Bloomberg on Monday that Moscow’s “complete embrace” of North Korea could mean that the country would be more inclined to threaten its southern neighbor, export weapons abroad, and defy Washington’s calls to return to denuclearization talks.

Just as the Swiss government doesn’t seem to grasp that it can’t play neutral anymore now that it has taken sides against Russia, the USA no longer has any influence whatsoever with Russia, Iran, Yemen, Syria, China, or any of the countries that it has either a) sanctioned or b) bombed.

The world is no longer monopolar. And anyone you have treated as an enemy not only has no reason to pay attention to your opinion, he has a powerful incentive to actively pursue those things that threaten you.

Andrei Martyanov is correct. The USA and its European satrapies are not only agreement-incapable, they are so delusional that they can’t even do basic diplomacy anymore.