Why Warhammer Survived So Long

Games Workshop has been converged. Warhammer Fantasy Battles is long dead. Warhammer 40k has fallen. But there are still lessons to be learned with regards to how and why it survived its corporate cancer as long as it did.

Warhammer 40k was resistant to the Left for so long because it was a universe that (unintentionally) founded itself in very basic truths of mankind. And it presented those truths in such an obvious way that it was next to impossible for the Left to deny. It is difficult for the woke to corrupt a property that outright acknowledges how the woke corrupts IPs to begin with.

Shall we raise a few examples? In 40k, there are the Chaos Gods which are the Sci-Fi equivalent of the devil. The woke can try to depict heroic gay romances and represent obese persons, but to anyone with common sense, these narratives ultimately twist themselves into the corruptions of Slaanesh and Nurgle (two of the Chaos Gods). In outlining the existence of a hell, the Right now has the vocabulary (and the canon) to section off Leftist controlled portions of the narrative.

You might have an atheistic character, but when the God-Emperor of Mankind is raising up saints, that character goes from a noble objector to a skeptic fool. When you create a definite good and evil in a fictional universe, then it becomes ever more difficult for the Left to pervert. And the more unabashed you portray these truths, the more tenuous the Left’s depictions become.

The Left can easily get away with perverting Star Wars because Star Wars is a quasi Buddhist Sci-Fi adventure. But what happens if there were definable universal constants that went against Leftist interpretations? What if the Jedi Order were explicitly defined as a male only society and that to deviate from this was heresy? Yes, the Left can go and insert their narratives, but there is now plausible deniability from the Right.

What if we can create a fictional universe so grounded in obvious realities that any Leftist interpretation could be canonically discarded as a sham? I know there’s no such thing as an airtight creation, but it would be a tremendous leap forward if we could create spaces resistant to Leftist encroachment. The concept of a Rightwing fictional universe has always been tantalizing, but what makes a fictional universe Rightwing? It is grounding those narratives in the Truth.

I don’t have all the answers, but I think the future of Rightwing entertainment is creating properties which explore the truth in very basic ways that the Left cannot. In acknowledging the truths of the human existence, we can come to art that inherently resists Leftist adaption. In delving into the deepest parts of the human condition, we can better understand the world and better condemn the perversion the Left wants to create.

Everything is potentially subject to convergence and eventual destruction. Even Arkhaven. Even Selenoth. But the more we learn about how the great intellectual properties of the past were acquired, converged, and destroyed, the better we can protect the worthwhile ones of today going forward.