Why the Empire Always Falls

Philip K. Dick called it The Empire That Never Ended. Miles Mathis called them the Phoenecian Navy. I call them the Prometheans. Most people today call them globalists, but Jesus Christ called them the Synagogue of Satan. We don’t know what they call themselves, but they a) often appear to identify publicly as Jews and b) always criminalize expressions of Christianity and antisemitism.

And the latter points toward why they always fail, and why they have never, in more than 1,500 years, been able to successfully establish or maintain their own society or civilization despite occasionally possessing all the necessary instruments of power and influence in societies as powerful as pre-Imperial Spain, Tsarist Russia, post-Imperial Britain, or the post-Cold War USA. This cartoon sums up the essential cause of the failure.

For some inexplicable reason known only to themselves, the Prometheans always insist on a completely subjective law. And while that’s very useful for acquiring power, it is absolutely fatal to preserving it, because subjective law necessarily imposes the very sort of inequality that renders a society unstable. This is why every society that has successfully developed into a civilization has an elite that not only practices some form of noblesse oblige, but holds the members of the elite fully accountable to objective laws that are not substantially different than the laws the plebs must obey.

In short, to rule, one will be held responsible. To rule successfully, one must be capable of responsibly looking after the interests of the ruled.

Any elite that does not do so is viewed, correctly, as parasitical and illegitimate, and in Chinese terms, does not hold the Mandate of Heaven. And if there is one thing that is clear about the current Clown World super-regime, it is that it is illegitimate by its own self-proclaimed standard of democracy and its laws are entirely subjective. Which is why Clown World, like Babylon, is going to fall.