Candace Owens Banished

It’s official. Even in the post-BLM era, Promethean > Black in the hierarchy of Clown World.

There will be no more Candace Owens at the Daily Wire amid claims the conservative commentator has promoted antisemitic rhetoric. The right-wing political website announced Friday it had severed ties with Owens, known for her support of Donald Trump and Kanye West, famous for their own controversial comments.

“Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship,” co-founder Jeremy Boreing wrote on social media.

Boreing did not provide any further details on what led to the exit, but Owens — who joined the outlet in 2021 — confirmed “the rumors are true” in her own post on X.

“I am finally free,” she said.

In recent months, Owens incited a firestorm of backlash with her antisemitic commentary about the United States’ role in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Owens also floated claims that a small group of Jewish people in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. were involved in something “sinister.”
Her remarks caused a public clash between the polarizing political pundit and Daily Wire brass, who have typically stood by her inflammatory views on the transgender community, COVID vaccines, immigration and Black Lives Matter.

Now, all of this is false and same-gender loving, of course. It’s all nonsense. There is nothing even remotely “right-wing” about Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing, or the Daily Wire, it’s just a minor struggle for precedence among the grifters, gatekeepers and other grotesqueries of Clown World’s Fake Right.

But it is highly illustrative about that which is allowed, that which is partially allowed, and that which is absolutely not allowed and will not be permitted by the Fake Right. Which, in turn, allows the perspicacious observer to easily concern which opinion leaders are, and are not, genuine. Anyone who will not cross Clown World’s red lines is inorganic and is being paid to mislead you and redirect your thinking away from what have been deemed the Dangerous Thoughts.