GamerGate 2.0

Buckle up, boys. The ride never ends. A summary from /pol/

  • DEI-gaming consultants “Sweet Baby Inc” exposed for harassment and coercion to insert wokeism into video games (example: CEO talk admitting to their coercion tactics
  • Issue mostly ignored by Media/Gaming “Journalists” for at least a week
  • A group on Steam forms with a list of games that employed Sweet Baby to consult on their creation, along with a discussion board and chat about the issue
  • Group swells to just under 200k users as of the time of this post
  • Kotaku and other gaming “news” start posting articles over the past 24 hours to start calling the group and users a bunch of wayciss chud nazis
  • Alyssa Mercante, “Journalist” who wrote the Kotaku article, starts taking heat for defending the Sweet Baby company and CEO for her own racism vs whites
  • “Journalist” then hauls off her mask to obliviously spout critical theory talking points after posting said article denying that Sweet Baby pushes critical theory agenda. “hi! you can’t be racist against white people! thanks for tuning in!”

I think we all know who is going to win the 2025 Hugo Award for Best Related Work now. I’m a little surprised Kotaku is still around, to be honest, given the fact that no one who is actually interested in or plays games reads them anymore.

UPDATE: Curiouser and curiouser…

  • Sweet Baby Inc is funded by Baby Ghosts
  • Baby Ghosts co-founder is Eileen Holowka
  • Eileen Holowka’s brother was Alec Holowka
  • Alec Holowka was LITERALLY WHO’s boyfriend