Boomer Trigger

Simply mention Boomers in any context that is less than obsequiously flattering, and they will come running.

Nothing will change until the Boomers die, because a) they believe obedience to the law is paramount and, b) they believe protest is actually effective. But if public prayer results in 11 years in jail while beating a 17-year-old boy to death results in nothing more than manslaughter charges and zero jail time, the only rational conclusion is that the utility of public protest is nonexistent.

  • I don’t see your LAZY ASS down at the border gathering with all the BOOMERS!! It’s easy to point fingers; Do something to help us or shut up!
  • Boomer here. You are going to have to suck it up – many in my generation will be around for next 30-40 years cleaning up the mess of your generation and other younger generations. You guys really fucked up a great country.
  • Gen Z is the baby boomer replacement. Does anyone really believe Gen Z is more capable than baby boomers when it comes to thinking for themselves, being responsible for themselves, applying logic, really???? That’s hilarious.
  • Your logic has nothing to do with boomers, NOT one FUCKING THING. Only thing you’ve done is to show the world that you are a MOTHER FUCKING IDIOTIC MORONIC DUMBFUCK! Shut your ignorant piehole!
  • I’m just grateful that we were the last generation to grow up in a decent America blissfully unaware of the damage our “Greatest Generation” parents had done. You wouldn’t be so butthurt if you had grown up in a normal country.
  • The boomer thing is a jew psyop to divide us further and you’re falling for it, hook, line and sinker. I’m Gen X but know a lot of boomers and most are nothing like you suggest. The FACT is that under the same circumstances our generations would have done nothing different than the boomers. It’s NOT a generational thing, it’s a circumstances thing. Since every generation subsequent to the boomers became more color blind, more faggoty, more tranny and more Soy Boy, do we just lump our entire generation into those categories? No, it’s a matter of circumstance and we should clean up our generations instead of whining like little crybabies and blaming others for our lots in life. Grow up.
  • Somebody’s got daddy issues
  • LOL yeah…ok! Attack the boomers, push more hatred of other and try and incite even more anger! That’ll fix everything! LOL
  • You ARE “Historically-Illiterate:”……..and posts like THIS “document it”………Please ‘continue’………..or Do some Fucking ‘REASEARCH and Look LESS ‘The Fool’ !!
  • stereotyping. Or do u just hate yr parents? Projecting are we? I don’t believe protesting is effective guess I’ll have to hand in my boomer badge.
  • Well, let’s see. The last year of the Baby Boom was 1964 so those people are 59 and older now. I figure you have another 30 years or so to not get off your own asses while blaming previous generations.
  • It’s ok if you’re tired of our memories, no doubt you’ll bore future generations with yours. I was paying attention but somehow missed the carefree part and hedonism. That is unless you factor in how we weren’t afraid to go trick or treating by ourselves or explore through the woods or ride in the backs of pickup trucks. I remember it being a favorite when my dad rode me around in a wheelbarrow! Thrilled he paid any attention to me at all. From what I’ve seen, the younger generations are just looking for someone to blame for them not have found anything meaningful in life.

The Boomer message in a nutshell:

America is the greatest nation the world has ever known, if America has any problems all of them are the fault of the Millennials, you’re just jealous that you didn’t have a great life like ours, and I’m sure glad I’m going to die before the shit hits the fan.