A Team of Leaders

A team of leaders is not a team. And throwing in the occasional Sigma doesn’t help. I explore the possibility that an application of SSH may help explain the difficulties in group cooperation historically evidenced by the ideological Right at Sigma Game.

It always struck me as strange that the opinion leaders of the ideological Right have never, for many decades, ever been able to successfully cooperate the way the apparent leaders of other groups, many of whom are considerably less intelligent, are observably able to work together, despite the obvious advantages that accrue to those who do. Instead, they’ve usually been more inclined to engage in internecine conflict on the rare occasions that they’re not simply ignoring each other and going about their own respective activities...

I suspect the answer to this lies in the cold realities of the socio-sexual hierarchy. If you look at the New Atheists, their demi-successors in the Intellectual Dark Web, or the endless continuum of post-Tupac rappers, it is very clear that none of these groups are comprised of high-status men. They might be rich, they might be famous, but their situational roles notwithstanding, their behavioral profiles tend to be in the lower range. And their success, almost to a man, is far more dependent upon their ability to kowtow before the ticket-makers than upon any genuine talent or intellectual abilities.

UPDATE: 104k views in only 14 days! Sigma Game is clearly off to a good start; hopefully it will provide a strong launching pad for the forthcoming SSH book. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to it and joined the discussion there.