The Bochurim Dug Too Deep

It appears another pedo tunnel has been discovered, this one under an Orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn. The weaponized autists of 4chan are all over this, as the police video has already revealed what appear to be child-sized blood-stained mattresses and what is definitely an infant’s highchair. The empty building to which the tunnel led is also across the street from a children’s museum.

But don’t worry. We’ve been reliably assured by a paid hasbaran on 4chan that the secret tunnel was nothing more than an alternative entrance to the synagogue for use during Covid, which claim was promptly disproven by /pol/ when it was pointed out that the tunnel appeared to have been constructed post-Covid. Which means that there is not only a secret synagogue tunnel containing various children’s accoutrements in New York, but the professional propagandists are already out in force attempting to explain them away.

No word yet from Jimmy Kimmel on this…