Delingpole and the Demons

James Delingpole interviews a repentant Satanist:

I’ve posted up the strangest, most disturbing and compelling podcast I’ve ever recorded. The one with former Mother of Darkness Jesse Czebotar.

Perhaps I should have accompanied it with a health warning. There are lots of reasons why I hesitated before releasing the recording: Is Jesse for real or is she a fraud? Is she a genuine Christian or part of some kind of New Age/Luciferian trap? How much of her extraordinary story can we believe?

But the main reason it took me so long is simply this: it freaked me out and gave me nightmares and told me stuff I’m not sure I wanted to know.

As she explains in the podcast, Jesse Czebotar was selected at a very early age as a candidate to become a Satanist High Priestess known as a Mother of Darkness. She qualified, she claims, because she was descended from a number of ‘bloodlines’ families and because she demonstrated the psychic powers which enabled her to communicate with demonic forces, including Satan.

And that’s just the beginning of her tale. It gets much weirder, much darker, as she describes the satanic rituals in which she was forced to participate, including ones involving the rape, torture and murder of small children.

Czebotar names names – most of which, for obvious reasons, I’ve had to cut out. But if you want the short version it goes like this: almost every famous person in the world is quite literally working for the devil. Presidents, pop idols, movie stars, central bankers [dur, obviously], senior politicians, royals, etc: if you know their name they are in the game.

What I find fascinating about those who deny the Biblical description of our fallen world – and even most self-professed Christians do – is the way in which even when people who have taken the ticket, who have participated in the rituals, and who are openly testifying to what they have witnessed, the default position is to claim that the world cannot possibly be otherwise than it is described on television.

Whether or not Delingpole’s guest is telling the truth or is merely another psychological operation meant to discredit those who correctly perceive the evils of this world is irrelevant. The more you simply open your eyes and observe without prejudice or preconception, the more you will see and understand.

The fools of the world love to declare “there is no evidence” even when they are staring directly at irrefutable and conclusive proof. But the weight of the evidence, when seen through the lens of history, is absolutely staggering. And the provable fact of the matter is that nearly everything you were taught, from the innocent English settlers being forced to seize land from savage Indian tribes to the need to drop atomic bombs to force the Japanese to surrender to the assassination of President Kennedy to Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to the inevitable Ukrainian victory in the Donbass, has been an absolute lie.

If, at this point, you still don’t believe in evil, real spiritual evil that acts in the material world as described in the Bible, you are consciously averting your eyes.