Go Ahead, Make Your List

Michael Rapaport clearly doesn’t understand that the rest of the world increasingly doesn’t want money or investment or anything else from him and his friends when he threatens everyone who will not publicly support the idea that “self-defense” gives Israel a right to commit ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

A lot of conversations about my Jewish friends about the silence, the disappointment, the disappearing acts, the Doug Henning, the David Blaine shit, just disappear – poof! – in the air. A lot of people have disappeared. I’m telling you right now, we are making a list, we are checking it twice. And we already know who’s been naughty or nice. See that pun? Do you see that pun? I’m talking about the Jewish people. But I’m also talking Christmas carols.

We will not forget. We’re not suckers. So when you come around asking for this, that, and the third, come around asking for money, investments, and all that stuff, I promise you, I promise you, it’s being discussed. We’re paying attention to who’s being anti-Jewish, anti-semitic, anti-Israel… or not saying anything at all. I promise you.

I’m an enigma. A lot of Jewish people seem nice, we seem like suckers, we seem like you could kind of convince us… Trust me. Don’t come around in six months, eight months, two years. We’re remembering. We’re paying attention.

It’s always educational to observe when the mask slips. And I expect that a lot of other people are remembering, paying attention, and making lists too. A lot.

It might be helpful to recall that historically, those who have prospered most during an age of low polarization are very seldom those who do well during the subsequent age of discord. In fact, as per Peter Turchin, the ages of discord are usually dominated by disaffected and disenfranchised elites with the mass weight of the unjustly immiserated common people behind them, to the detriment of the previous elite that held a disproportionate amount of a society’s wealth and influence prior to its self-delegitimization.

We are presently in what Turchin calls a precrisis period. The historical patterns are observably playing out again. Which is something that the more perspicacious members of Mr. Rapaport’s list-making elite are finally beginning to recognize to their observable dismay:

Israel appears to have heavily banked on being able to use its various social control technologies—which mostly consists of its various NGOs and global ‘anti-hate groups’ like the ADL—to dictate the narrative around this genocide.

But they failed miserably.

Israel did not appear to have a good bead on the pulse of the global awakening. They were sclerotically stuck just a few years behind the times, still thinking this was the late 2010s with the peak of Big Tech’s sprawling domination of our minds, and the omnipotent Leftist Narrative seizure.

Times have changed, things are unwinding, Israel is losing control.

Now, I think it’s too soon to express any opinion at all on Israel’s military actions in Gaza, much less to describe it as a genocide. On the basis of the limited information available, the IDF’s tactics actually appear to be somewhat on the cautious and ineffective side, especially when compared with the successful Russian tactics used at Mariupol, Bahkmut and now Avdiivka. But there are no shortage of elements within both Israel and the diaspora that are openly calling for either ethnic cleansing or genocide – do recall these are not synonyms, but two different, albeit tangentially-related concepts – and therefore rhetorical fair game for the pro-Palestinian side.