Arktoons 14 Million

Sometimes slower, sometimes faster, but Arktoons just keeps growing. Keep an eye out for some interface changes soon, as well as the return of a few of our more popular comics and the introduction of some new ones.

There are three ways to support Arktoons. First and foremost, find a series that is a daily read. Our creators, both Arkhaven and independent, are putting out 4-8 new episodes every single day. There are now literally thousands of episodes available. And for the fiction readers, there is at least one text episode every day – Mondays feature Chuck Dixon’s The Sidewinders, for example.

Second, back our crowdfunding campaigns. We don’t have any running right now, because we’re working on fulfilling our existing ones, but we’ll launch another one once we get a few more of these omnibuses out, including both Midnight’s War and AH:Q. And third, subscribe to Arktoons.

Congratulations to everyone involved, from the authors to the backers, the creators, the devs, and the production team.