GenX Critique of Boomer Pride

In which Spacebunny critiques a list of the Boomer G-g-generation’s 17 proudest achievements.

The baby boomer generation—the 76.4 million of us born between 1946 and 1964—don’t always get the respect we deserve. Especially in recent years, we’ve become the generational scapegoat for just about every cultural problem on the planet. Major magazines claim we “broke America” and are “the worst generation.” But it’s high time to set the record straight. Baby boomers may not have created a utopian society, but we haven’t left the world in worse shape than we found it. In fact, we’re responsible for some pretty remarkable developments that subsequent generations have largely taken for granted.

We made driving safer.
Created a new and intrusive law. Thanks!
We immortalized road trips and travel in general.
(face palm). Jack Kerouac was not a Boomer.
We pioneered rock ‘n’ roll.
We invented the internet.
Debatable, but I’ll let them have it.
We created personal computers.
We ushered in the era of screen time.
Talk about proud of the wrong things.
We launched Saturday Night Live.
World changing? Really?
We turned movies into cultural events.
Sorry, no.
We took volunteering to new heights.
Helping everyone but your own family – brilliant.
We stood up for LGBTQIA+ rights.
For this alone they deserve the pillow that’s coming.
We fought for gender equality.
See above – world changing in the worst way.
We protested war.
And changed nothing.
We kickstarted environmental activism.
(face palm)
We made waves in forensic analysis.
If the 80s were the all time high for serial killers, does this correlate to Boomers being serial killers?
We ended the Cold War.
We reduced the stigma around divorce.
For this alone they deserve the pillow that’s coming. World changing in the worst way.
We increased life expectancy.
Life expectancy is actually falling, but Boomers don’t care about facts.

Now, remember, these are the accomplishments of which the Boomers are proudest. These are the grand achievements of which they boast, against which their poison fruits must be balanced. This is the mark that they themselves believe they have left on society. And what the Boomers simply don’t understand is that even their self-declared accomplishments read like an indictment in the eyes of the younger generations, even if we have produced considerably more damning indictments of their wicked generation.