Pseudoscience and the Stink of Sulfur

In which it is claimed that reading alternative media instead of a healthy daily dose of narrative from the mainstream media is unhealthy for your heart:

According to a pilot study led by Manchester Metropolitan University, those who do not read legacy mainstream media and opt for alternative sources of information demonstrate unhealthy symptoms of physical and mental stress, which can lead to heart attacks.

The research study used so-called “sophisticated techniques” to monitor how people use media websites to measure their reactions to online information.

The researchers claimed people with a low ID have a flawed ‘threat’ response when presented with misleading information in a stressful situation, which they say brings on cardiac responses and erratic reading behavior.

The study also found that participants with low IDs also lacked self-confidence.

It also claimed that reading alternative media from “unverified” sources (i.e., not reading CNN, MSNBC, BBC, ect) could negatively affect a person’s health and well-being.

Ah yes, that fine and well-learned institution of Manchester Metropolitan University, whatever that is. Motto: Credimus omnia nobis erant.

As always, the inversion of the wicked is a reliable guide toward the truth. If you read the mainstream news, you were not only frightened and stressed out by the non-danger of Covid 19, but you probably got vaxxed and boosted, which inflicted material damage to your heart and increased your risk of strokes and turbo cancers.

The sum total of this is considerably worse than the “unhealthy symptoms of physical and mental stress” caused by reading sites like this which tend to make it clear over time how blitheringly credulous and easily led to their doom many of your acquaintances, friends, and family are.

A happy subject receiving her daily dose of Narrative.