China Disappears Israel

China has literally wiped the name of Israel off its mapping software.

Chinese tech giants Baidu and Alibaba no longer display the name of Israel on their maps, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday – a move they said reflected ‘Beijing’s vague diplomacy in the region.’

The online maps show Israel’s borders and cities, the paper said.

But the country itself is not named – in contrast to other neighboring countries.

Social media users shared maps they said confirmed the WSJ’s point.

I don’t think Beijing’s Middle East diplomacy has been even remotely vague; it’s apparent that the mainstream media doesn’t want to let the public know how massive the weight of world opinion against Israel is now.

It’s fascinating to see how the media appeals to world opinion when it’s attacking Russia, then tries to pretend it doesn’t exist and doesn’t matter when it’s defending Israel. And amping up the propaganda not only isn’t working, it’s counterproductive when literally no one except neocons and Boomercons believe it.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are observably unimpressed with the media theatrics.

The current ground operations have evidently resulted in excessive casualties, and with the situation in Gaza deteriorating further, a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip is poised to escalate. Continuous casualties will only breed more hatred. Strategically, this is not merely a military test for Israel but also a test of wisdom. Excessive actions will cause Israel to lose the sympathy gained due to Hamas’ attacks. 

The criticism of Israel’s excessive use of force in Chinese public opinion is primarily based on morality. However, some Western media outlets have labeled the Chinese internet discourse as “antisemitic,” which is clearly an unjust accusation. There is absolutely no foundation for the formation of “antisemitism” as an ideology in China. China prioritizes regional peace and opposes the slaughter of civilians by a state apparatus. The mainstream voices on Chinese internet platforms echo this sentiment.

US and Israel should approach international criticism rationally, GLOBAL TIMES, 30 October 2023