We Have Always Not Mandate

OSHA is attempting to revise history in real-time by denying that there was ever a US Federal vaccine mandate:

A top federal official at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) claims that his agency never told private companies to implement Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” mandates after the Supreme Court rejected the mandate.

OSHA Assistant Secretary of Labor Douglas Parker claims that his agency’s COVID jab mandate was rescinded after the Supreme Court ruling, this after House Republicans during a September 27 hearing criticized OSHA for the emergency rule it implemented in late 2021.

Tens of millions of private sector workers were impacted by this ruling, which was overturned in early 2022 after the Supreme Court blocked OSHA from enforcing the mandate.

“The federal vaccine mandate, announced in the fall of 2021, had applied to all private-sector firms with 100 or more employees, including both part-time and full-time staff,” reports The Epoch Times. “There were estimates at the time that 84 million people – or two-thirds of the private-sector workforce – would be impacted.”

You may recall that employees who refused the shots during that time period were required to show a “negative” COVID test result every week in order to continue working. The White House referred to that OSHA rule as a “vaccination requirement,” adding that unvaccinated workers would be forced to “wear a face mask while in the workplace.”

Aside from the fact that millions of people were affected by the federal mandate, and quite clearly remember them, how does this gaslighting fed explain why the Supreme Court was reviewing the legality of the mandate if it never existed in the first place?

Can he cite any important Supreme Court rulings on unicorns?

Anyhow, remember this the next time a government or a corporation tries to force a mandate on you. Not only is it a huge mistake to submit to their demands, but they’re eventually going to pretend they never demanding anything from you in the first place. Never comply. If it wasn’t bad for you, they wouldn’t have to force you.