The Scorpion’s Lament

In which a US-resident Jew on /pol/ contemplates the self-defeating consequences of his elders’ long-term plans to “destroy the white race”, turn America into “an idea nation” and “a melting pot”, and “transform Europe into a multicultural mode”, and concludes that perhaps the results were not, in the end, desirable.

Have you ever played a video game where the Al just sat there and did nothing while you took it apart methodically?

We “won” in a game that nobody else was playing because they did not think anyone would be stupid enough to do so. Our” victory”? We killed our host, the survivors will hate us, they will eat us because we look white, the muslims will exterminate us the moment our goy slaves become too weak to protect us. not to mention we are giving the muslims nuclear weapons by giving them France and England.

Our daughters misceginate or are whores, my favorite niece married a “jewish” black who was 20 years older than her. She lived in a mixed-race neighborhood, her house was the only one that did not look like trash because she tried, ended up divorced with a half-black kid. Breaks my heart.

Brother is incel, can’t find a wife because all women are whores, almost all the men in the extended family are ruined, either marrying roasties or failing to marry at all. And why? Because the weapons we set on the goy cattle also affected us.

So yay, we “won” by default because nobody else was dumb enough to try for a game of lets destroy civilization, our victory is such that our host species is going extinct due to our actions, and the only two paths forwards are:

  1. whites finally wake up and kill us all
  2. whites finally die out and the blacks eat us for being white

Great victory.

Some on /pol/ have suggested that this lament is too self-aware to be genuine, but in the light of current events in the Middle East, I see no reason to assume that the average individual of modest intelligence, of any race or ethnicity, who would prefer to live in some reasonable approximation of civilized European culture, cannot observe that the consequences of the Kalergi Plan, or the Lerner-Spectre Plan, or the Celler Plan, all of which amount to exactly the same thing, have been utterly disastrous for everyone, including the descendants of those who originally conceived those evil plans and enacted them.

From a historical point of view, this shouldn’t be a surprise. In six thousand years of recorded history, there have only been a limited number of great civilizations, which collectively make up a very small percentage of the total number of peoples and societies across world history. And the preferences, customs, traditions, and laws of most societies are observably not capable of creating or sustaining any form of civilization, let alone one that approaches the heights of Western European civilization circa 1800 – 1950.

Everyone likes the idea of being in charge, in theory. Everyone likes the idea of his tribe being on top, and in possession of the reins of power. The problem is that not everyone is capable of successfully being in charge. This is why it is so important to be careful what you wish for. Because you just might get it.

In addition to the time to civilization requirement that has been previously pointed out here on this blog, there is also a dyscivilizational values problem. No civilization that comes to be dominated by individuals from a society with dyscivilizational values can sustain itself in a functional manner over time. The more that Western Civilization is influenced by non-Christian, non-European people from societies that never successfully established their own civilizations and with values that contradict the historical values of Western civilization, the more likely it is that the resulting societal structure will not transition into a post-Western civilization with post-Western values as expected, but rather, collapse entirely into a post-civilized state.

Atheists such as Richard Dawkins have already discovered that post-Christian society is worse for atheists than Christian society ever was. Both internal and external foes of the West will almost certainly come to the same conclusion in time.

There is an older version of the Russian tale of the scorpion and the frog. In the Persian tale, which dates back to 1487, the scorpion is riding the back of a turtle. Unlike the frog, the turtle survives the scorpion’s sting due to its hard shell, tells the scorpion that it is wicked, and drowns it in order to prevent the scorpion from harming anyone else.

So, this naturally tends to raise the question, which civilized societies are frogs and which are turtles?