The Dayan Principle

It’s very informative that the German and US militaries appear almost eager to fight paramilitaries in Gaza, while for the last 18 months they have wanted absolutely no part in fighting the Russian Army.

The German government has decided to deploy some of the nation’s top Special Forces units to Cyprus as it prepares for potential crisis situations in Israel, Gaza, and the Middle East, the tabloid Bild reported on Wednesday, citing security sources.

The German Army’s Special Forces Command (KSK) has been deployed to the island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Bild said, adding that the Navy Special Forces (KSM) unit, also known as combat swimmers, was deployed to the area as well. The federal police Special Forces unit specializing in rescuing hostages (GSG 9) was sent there as well, the tabloid reported.

According to Bild, Berlin is preparing for “all scenarios” amid a continued escalation between Israel and the Gaza-based Palestinian Hamas militant group.

As the great Israeli general Moshe Dayan once said, the secret to the IDF’s stunning military success revolved around one very important concept: fighting Arabs. So it will be interesting to see if the German troop commitment survives in the event that Hezbollah and Iran elect to get involved.