YouTube Aims Left

The SJWs who have celebrated every demonetizing and deplatforming over the last nine years are suddenly beginning to realize that they will become targets when they fail to support the current Narrative too.

They thought it would never happen to them, but Reddit is just now waking up to the unbelievable censorship at YouTube that has been going on for the last 7 years.

The English-language Internet is being systematically erased by the Ringmasters of Clown World for the same reason that revolutionaries always declare Zero History. They don’t want to permit any evidence that contradicts or disproves their ever-changing Narrative to survive, and they couldn’t care less if the evidence that does so is of the Left or of the Right.

We live in a post-ideological age. Left and Right never made much sense anyhow, but now it is entirely irrelevant in the WWIII environment. It doesn’t matter what you call yourself, what matters is what you quite literally are. Nation matters. Religion matters.

And that’s about it, as Lee Kwan Yew had already informed us after decades of presiding over a multi-ethnic, multi-religious state.