Agreement Incapable

Iran discovers why neither Russia nor China are interested in talking substantively to the USA or making any deals with it anymore.

Washington has gone back on its promise to unblock $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets even after Tehran released five American citizens accused of espionage against the Islamic Republic.

Under the deal last month, the money was transferred from a South Korean bank to a bank in Qatar, where Tehran could access it under strict monitoring by the US Treasury Department to ensure that the cash is used only for humanitarian purposes.

However, on Thursday, the US and Qatar reportedly reached an “understanding” that Doha will ignore any withdrawal requests from Tehran, according to several officials who spoke to the media on condition of anonymity.

You know, the American Indians could have told them how pointless and self-defeating it is to make any deal with the USA. From 1772 to 1867, the US government signed 374 treaties with American Indian tribes. It broke nearly every single one.

The Russians are right. The USA is agreement-incapable, which is why it is incredibly stupid and short-sighted for any sovereign entity, be it friendly or inimical, to sign any agreement or come to any “understanding” with a representative of the US government.