When Rhetoric Goes Astray

The mainstream media is really pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to whip up public support for a Middle Eastern war. I think the fact that the only demonstrations taking place across the West in response to the coverage of the Hamas incursion and another Israeli bombardment of Gaza are pro-Palestinian has them frightened and confused.

Sickening footage has emerged of the moment murderous Hamas gunmen shot dead an Israeli family’s dog before storming their home, raiding their fridge and setting their home alight amid a campaign of civilian slaughter.

Now, this would have likely been very effective at stirring up American emotions 20 years ago, before police in the US began routinely executing the family pets every time they make a house call and a dog barks at them. I don’t know if the Narrative writers are still all Boomers or what, but regardless, they don’t seem very cognizant of the fact that Clown World has been in control for a few decades now, or that most people have now developed some level of resistance to Clown World’s propaganda and its viral narratives.