The Material Side of the Spiritual War

Boyzone singer Shane Lynch testifies to the way the pop music industry is as openly and knowingly Satanic as the 80’s metal hair bands aspired to be:

The [music] industry is destructive – let me take it straight to God and to the spiritual world. We have the Holy Spirit that guides us and protects us in the name of Christ, but the demonic side of the music industry is very real too. That’s how I came to God; through understanding the demonic side.

I was certainly interested in being mysterious; it gave me a character, it gave me some substance that I could hold on to. Why I portrayed myself in those ways I don’t know – maybe I was trying to prove something. But it intrigued me, the darker side of the world. Ouija boards, séances, tarot card reading, all that kind of spiritual stuff really got hold of me. That all came from our very first album launch; it was a Halloween party in a big mansion, but that was super demonic. We were just young kids, [and we thought]: It’s a bit of fun. All the record company and the journalists are there, and here we go. Not all music is bad, but the majority of it is [designed] to take you away from Christ, 100 per cent.

Do you mean in terms of the lyrics or the big players in the industry?

Both. Lyrically and big players. I’ve been in rooms – at the top of the top – where albums are prayed over demonically. Music is prayed over demonically that goes out to the radio stations, to the public. When you see that stuff, it’s frightening.

What do you mean by “prayed over demonically”?

Rituals, ceremonies, everything to give light to the devil, to Satan. It’s a satanic music industry.

Do you mean figuratively, or literally?

Literally. Yes.

The ticket takers don’t just have sympathy for the Devil. They know what they are doing and they are actively serving him. From Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger to Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Doja Cat, they are literal servants of Satan.

That’s why the pop stars all hate, fear, and mock Christians.

It’s why I tend to prefer listening to classical music, much of which was written in the active service of Jesus Christ. There are few negative moods that a Bach concerto can’t cure.