The Kids are All Right

They’re going to be, anyhow. The youth have clearly grasped that the older generations are not going to defend them or their nations, and that the burden of action is going to fall upon them. And they’ve also observed that vigilante justice is the only justice that exists any more.

No doubt the wicked Swedish government that failed to protect this girl and refused to punish her rapist will throw its full weight against these young vigilantes. But the massive hypocrisy this entails will only accomplish the precise opposite of its objectives and encourage a wave of similar, but more silent reprisals.

I’ve always said that the wars that will bring about the end of the United States would begin when someone from the wrong family is victimized by one group of invaders or another. Apparently this may hold true for less heterogeneous polities as well. It will be interesting to learn if this girl is actually Swedish or if she’s also a foreigner. If she is actually a daughter of the vikings, it won’t be surprising if one day, after the end of the mass repatriations, there are statues built to honor her. These are precisely the sort of acts that become myths and legends over time.

Consider, for example, the founding legends of Rome, and the rape of Lucretia that ended the Roman monarchy.

It’s already beginning in Latin America too. I won’t link to the report, since it’s worse than the average horror movie, but a young African woman recently learned the very hard way that it’s a fatal mistake to physically attack the daughter of a cartel lord.

All across the West, people have lost faith in their government to maintain order. And now they are beginning to realize that there is no cavalry, and that if anyone is going to protect their family, if anyone is going to protect their nation, it’s going to have to be themselves.