Republicans for Human Sacrifice

The neoclowns couldn’t care less how many Ukrainians are dying for what they call “democracy”. They need more blood for the Blood God!

Bill Kristol and other prominent neoconservatives are launching a $2 million ad campaign to urge Republicans to continue backing aid for Ukraine.

Defending Democracy Together, led by Kristol and Republican strategist Sarah Longwell, launched Republicans for Ukraine to boost Republican support for Ukraine. The ad campaign precedes what will be a contentious fight over President Joe Biden’s $24 billion request for aid for Ukraine.

The ads will appear online, on billboards, and on television, including the first Republican debate on August 23.

I never imagined that the neoconservatives were actually more evil than the communists they opposed, especially since their opposition to communism was the only reason they were “Republicans” instead of Democrats in the first place.