How the Devil Mouse Metastasized

One of the core precepts of Corporate Cancer is this: a fully-converged organization is incapable of performing its primary function.

But it’s one thing to understand a principle, another to utilize it as a basis of a successful predictive model, and yet a third to understand exactly how the principle is playing out in the particular instance of a specific converged organization.

The Dark Herald helpfully explains how Disney rendered itself incapable of performing its primary functions.

Continuing employment, opportunities for advancement, bonuses and salary increases were all dependent on showing this “virtue diary” and documenting all the DEI meetings and conferences they attended. In other words, if you wanted to keep your job, you were required to participate in the DEI indoctrination sessions… The whistlebower says that Thon Newton also instituted a policy in which any minority — a member of the DEI coalition — must be seriously considered for any job he or she applied for, even if he lacked the very most basic, essential requirements for the job. Even for highly technical positions, job prerequisites were waved for DEI candidates.

Which tells you right there how Disney has gone so far downhill so fast. Incompetents were being hired left and right. In my experience it usually is 20% of the people doing 80% of the work, consequently, it’s always pretty easy to tolerate some useless mouths to feed. Those drones were tolerable in Don Draper’s day because they were invariably a hot blonde with a gorgeous rack and a taste for low necklines. Now that drone is a screaming purple-haired, sexually unidentifiable schizophrenic who can get you fired if he/she/zhe/zee/IT doesn’t like the way you looked at them.

The 20% who got all the work done at Disney have left the building. Sure they put up with it long enough to pick up another job but they are gone now and it shows.

Comrade Mickey’s Funtime Struggle Session Workbook, Arkhaven Blog, 1 August 2023

The key to success is expanding the percentage of the productive beyond 20 percent. The key to failure is reducing the percentage of the productive even further, which is why convergence is inevitably fatal over time to every organization.