It’s Just Greed, Right?

Anyone retarded enough to continue subscribing to the materialist “must be the money” explanation is going to find it extremely hard going to explain the rapidity of the Devil Mouse’s collapse. Disney’s corporate cancer is so malignant and fast-growing we may need to invent a sixth level.

The Walt Disney Company will not see their fortunes change any time soon as the company has instituted a culture of silence preventing employees from calling out bad story ideas, they’ve significantly lost a lot of talent, and executives think the company is too big too fail…. It’s not just management and creative’s ideation. Oh, no, no, no, they’ve actually lost a lot of technical and creative story ability. Forget the woke for a moment, The [Little] Mermaid was dark, badly edited, poorly paced, awful music, etc… They’ve lost key Imagineers, broken key links to past talent in that regard. The Brain Drain is real.”

The source explained, “What I mean is even if they wanted to tell a good story, one that fails its stand-alone DEI test, I don’t know if they could actually make it properly and for a reasonable cost. If you really want to see core Disney wreckage don’t look to Lucasfilm or Marvel instead sit back and feast your eyes on the recent Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and Little Mermaid then watch the three originals. And remember you are not allowed to say what is causing these properties to fail inside Disney. That is where free speech goes to die.”

Later in the video, WDW Pro shared information he received from another source that explained why Disney thinks they do not need to change their behavior, “The boycott/avoidance of [Bud Light] in a consumer backlash movement is based on the fact that the product itself is indistinguishable from its main competitors (Miller Lite and Coors Light) in blinds and all available at the same distribution points, virtually side by side at retail with similar, identical prices under normal circumstances.”

“In other words avoiding that beverage that’s under fire is very easy because there is very little inconvenience to the light beer consumer,” the source shared.

WDW Pro concluded, “Disney, on the other hand, avoiding Disney is a major inconvenience and so perhaps the folks at The Walt Disney Company assume consumers would be too burdened by trying to boycott them. And therefore, they’re not worried about it.”

Stick with Arkhaven, everyone. Things may be moving along more slowly than we like, and we’ve obviously had some major setbacks, but it’s no longer implausible to suggest that Arkhaven will not only outlast DC and Marvel, but Disney itself.

Converged organizations simply don’t change their culture. They double down until they die.