Tell Me You’re a Ticket-Taker

Without coming right out and telling me you’re a ticket-taker.

The sign of a ticket-taker: a colleague describes Huw Edwards, the BBC presenter who has been accused of paying young men to expose themselves.

“I admire the professionalism of both of them and remain impressed by Huw’s sensational rise through the BBC from humble beginnings in Bridgend.”

Key words: “sensational rise”. But wait, there’s an additional clue right there in the same article.

“We agreed that delving into the backgrounds of news journalists such as ourselves wasn’t appropriate.”

Indeed. One wouldn’t want the public looking too closely into the real reasons for those sensational rises and amazing careers, would one?

Not all material success is fake, but most success in Clown World is, at a minimum, manufactured. It’s manufactured and then distributed to those who are willing to render the required services and provide the necessary hostages. And the sooner you accept this reality, the more effective your independent efforts will be, as you will stop chasing illusions and wasting your best efforts playing a game that is rigged against you and everyone else unwilling to take their tickets.