Clown World Won’t Quit

The Ukrainian offensive didn’t just fail, it reportedly failed in a historic manner reminiscent of Napoleon’s epic debacle. But the neoclowns are willing to fight to the last… whoever they can get their hands on.

Colonial MacGregor revealed that American intelligence sources provided information to him and the media showing that during the past two and half weeks alone, Russia suffered 1,500 casualties, of which 200-300 were estimated to be killed, while Ukraine suffered 24,000 to 26,000 combat deaths, with twice that many wounded.

So, naturally, Clown World is determined to send in American soldiers, who despite their military prowess are even less experienced in this sort of modern warfare than the Ukrainians were when it started. And in the meantime, the Ukrainians are recruiting South Americans, particularly Brazilians.

“Ukraine is recruiting in the Global South because it no longer has people to send to the battlefield.” -Brazilian military analyst and reserve officer Robinson Farinazzo

An 83-1 KIA ratio (33-1 casualty ratio) dwarfs some of the most one-sided wars in modern history. The British defeated the Argentines with a 2.9-1 KIA ratio. The notoriously one-sided Israeli-Arab KIA ratio is 4.8 to 1. An 83-1 margin borders on the levels of science fiction or fantasy.