The Media Knows

Never talk to the media. Observe that the media executives themselves never respond to inquiries from other media organizations. Notice that ESPN is resolutely refusing to respond to questions from Outkick and Fox News about a misleading edit of a clip it broadcast recently.

OutKick emailed ESPN Vice President of Communications Josh Krulewitz the following questions Thursday:


I would like to send an inquiry about the ESPYs taking a video of Will Cain out of context to make him look bad.

Does ESPN stand by its decision to edit the video?

Who approved the clip?

What level of management approved the idea to edit the clip that way?

Does ESPN feel it should issue a statement correcting the record?

Krulewitz and ESPN did not respond. Nor did they respond to a Fox News inquiry.

If the media knows it’s foolish to talk to the media, then that’s all you really need to know. Keep your ego in check, don’t seek the attention they offer, don’t permit them to claim they talked to you, and thereby avoid giving them the evidence they require to make their usual strawmen.