Devil Mouse Doubles Down

The Dark Herald reports that Disney is extending Bob Iger’s contract through 2026:

Bob Iger is the one that has put Disney in the disastrous position it’s in today. He overpaid drastically for Fox Entertainment by a factor of 100%, he let Kevin Fiege dismantle the machinery that had turned Marvel into a box office juggernaut, he allowed Kathleen Kennedy to continue driving the LucasFilm cart into the ground long after the wheels were sold off on eBay and he fired John Lassetter, replacing him with the utterly hopeless Pete Docter. The parks are empty at the height of the busy season, with the disastrous launch of Indiana Jones V the film division has lost a billion dollars since the collapse of Lightyear, and there are still two more candidates for box office martyrdom waiting in the wings before New Year’s Day. Also, Disney+, the thing that was supposed to spearhead Disney’s drive to complete streaming dominance has lost $1 billion per quarter since it was launched, and it just dropped behind Warner Brother’s Max streaming service.

According to Disney’s own documents they only have $10 billion in cash, that is somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks of operating capital on hand at any given time.

I think it would be beneficial for Karl Denninger and other materialists who sincerely believe that money, and the pursuit of it, is the primary cause of evil in the modern world to revisit their assumptions in light of the observed behavior of the corpocracy and the Western governments over the last two decades.

I assert a review of the available evidence and the application of Ockham’s Razor will inevitably lead to the conclusion that a) spiritual wickedness and b) control over the public are the primary motivating forces for the evil that we see indefatigably at work in the corpocracy today.

How much more money do they collectively have to lose in the pursuit of unprofitable evil for it to become inarguable that the evil is a motivation rather than an unfortunate and happenstantial coincidence?