Netflix’s Next Target: Narnia

After seeing how Amazon demolished The Silmarillion and Disney pillaged both Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Netflix has decided to join the fun by defacing The Chronicles of Narnia.

Netflix has the rights to make Chronicles of Narnia movies now, and it has chosen actor and director Greta Gerwig to make said movies. I’m not joking. Netflix wants her to write and direct two Narnia films.

Gerwig is an interesting choice given during the press tour for the Barbie film she’s made numerous comparisons between the film and Christianity. Most recently it was revealed in The New Yorker that when Gerwig originally pitched the film she did it “with a poem in the style of the Apostles’ Creed.”

Back in May while discussing the relationship between Barbie and Ken with Vogue, Gerwig said, “Barbie was invented first. Ken was invented after Barbie, to burnish Barbie’s position in our eyes and in the world. That kind of creation myth is the opposite of the creation myth in Genesis.”

The Barbie movie isn’t out yet, but a woman who sees a movie about dolls for little girls as “the opposite of the creation myth in Genesis” might be the last person that C.S. Lewis would have picked to adapt his books. In fact, she might be the exact type of person his books warn about.

Gerwig, who was raised a Unitarian Universalist, was also the director of the 2019 Little Women movie, which some regarded as woke and feminist.

In the film, she took out the faith in God that was so crucial to the characters – the thing that all else revolved around – and replaced it with tones of feminist empowerment through the deconstruction of the Christian worldview.

Take out the Christian worldview from Narnia and what is left? Some animals talking and a shallow fantasy kingdom with various overtones and subplots that will be considered irredeemably racist and culturalist by today’s standards.

Still think it’s “all about the money”? Still think it’s all about impressing their fellow elites at cocktail parties? How many more financial disasters that all just happen to relentlessly undermine the icons and the culture of the West do you need to witness to understand that there are other, darker motives at work here?